4 Life Skills Every Woman Should Know.

Here are four essential life skills that every woman should know all conveniently in one article. Not a woman? No problem! These are fit for anyone of any age, gender identity or position in life!

We don’t always learn the life skills we need in schools or even in university.

It’s no secret that the world of adulthood is a challenging place to grow and thrive. Coming of age often involves making difficult decisions, learning from mistakes, and trusting your gut more than anything else. The difficulties are even more pressing for women and those within minority groups! Woman in particular must learn to navigate everything from educational institutions to work environments, with gender inequality still a prominent issue.

Thankfully, there are many people out there willing to assist in this process of growing up. Whether thy come in the form of friends, family members, or even strangers, many different sources of guidance are available. And, to top it all off, now more than ever before there are helpful groups and services online to make us feel less alone in life. I myself have found great solace in the online blogging communities, queer groups and even tik-tok, of all places! In fact, I’ve never felt more accepted and less alone than I do now!

But, let’s keep it simple, shall we? Here are four essential life skills that every woman should know all conveniently in one article. Not a woman? No problem! These are fit for anyone of any age, gender identity or position in life!

4 Life Skills Every Woman Should Know.
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Four Essential Life Skills Every Woman Should Know.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills!

Communication is one of the essential life skills every woman should master. Whether you’re trying to connect with your partner, friends, family members, or colleagues, effective verbal communication plays a crucial role in all relationships. When we communicate effectively, we feel more empowered and confident and tend to build more meaningful connections with others. That’s why it’s essential to take the time to reflect on your communication skills and how you can improve. This can include everything from practicing active listening to communicating respectfully and being mindful not to cross any communication boundaries. While it may seem like a simple skill, communication is a lifelong pursuit that never truly ends.

Want to learn more about communication as a soft skill can help you in your working life? Check out this post!

Time Management Skills!

Time management is another essential life skill every woman should know. When we can effectively manage our time and schedules, we feel less stressed and have more room to pursue the things we value. Unfortunately, many women struggle with improving their time management skills, often falling into the trap of committing to too many things at once. If you’re struggling with time management, it might be helpful to reflect on your past experiences and figure out what worked and didn’t work for you in the past. It might also be beneficial to brainstorm new time management strategies with the help of friends, family members, or even a therapist.

CPR and First Aid!

As a former health and safety officer, I can’t stress enough how essential CPR and basic first aid knowledge can be. While some people may know CPR already, many others are unaware of how to perform this life-saving procedure properly. And even if you do know how to administer CPR, it’s important to practice and improve your skill level periodically. If you’re unsure where to begin learning these skills, you can always look online for places to take first aid and CPR courses and test now to ensure you are certified and up to date on your skills. 

With that being said, bare in mind that unless you’ve worked in the field, you’re not an expert. Something we learned during my training was that your own wellbeing and safety comes first.

Coping and Self-Management Skills!

Managing emotions can be one of the best skills anyone can have, but it isn’t always easy. Self-management abilities are crucial for managing stress and negative feelings. This is important for general mental health, as well as for the general health of your relationships. Having the ability to recognize what emotions you are feeling and how to cope with them can be applied to a variety of situations, ranging from work to family. This will allow you to approach challenges with a clear head and see the silver lining in any given situation. There are many techniques and exercises out there that can help you manage your emotions and cope with challenges, particularly online. Many websites have helpful guides, advice, and a selection of different exercises.

Have you any others you can think to add?

These are just a small fraction of essential life skills that can better equip you for every day. Life is full of challenges, some good and some simply awful, but you can aim to conquer them with the right skills. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a pencil and paper, write down these skills and get to work.


  1. I remember that there were life skills classes in high school back in the Ice Age when I went, but I never considered taking them. I wish it had been mandatory to graduate. I love this post, great work!

  2. YaY! to women power. This is a great list of skills that every woman needs. Communication and learning to be better at it is a big one for me… lifelong learning. Thanks for talking about this topic to help other women.

  3. This is such a helpful list of four essential life skills that every woman should know. I think time management is definitely a top priority for me. Thank you for the great ideas!

  4. Great list of important life skills! I think if there were one I’d like to add for myself it would be something about being a better listener. That’s definitely a challenge for me. Appreciate your list!

  5. Great attention call this one is. There is a plethora of skills we definitely don’t learn in school or uni. These are great skills to learn and develop. I need to learn proper first aid! Thank you for sharing x

  6. CPR and first aid is a great one! It’s really important to know, especially if you have kids – or you can save anyone, really.

  7. So true! This are the skills all women must have. Being a woman is not just about doing chores and cooking. And plus, a millennial girl must not depend on man too much. Unless that guy loves her with all his heart.

  8. Great skills and especially, time management because it’s so important since women have more things to do.

  9. Yes! This is so true! And, it’s okay to ask for help. I’ve had to take classes, see a therapist, and ask friends to help me learn some of these. It’s worth the time and effort to better yourself.

  10. These are all important skills. Although I don’t think I have all of them, especially CPR. Communication skills are what I give importance to very much.

  11. I am all in for the CPR and First Aid skills, any time. You just never know when you will need them but they are extremely important.

  12. CPR and basic first aid are so relevant, thanks so much for including these here! Good to bring them top of mind. Thanks so much for sharing this post!!

  13. I think coping is something that everyone should have skill in, especially women. There are so many things out there that seem to be in out paths.

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