Amazing April Advertisers.

With a new month comes another round of advertisers. This time we have seven amazing advertisers, some new and some returning!

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With a new month comes another round of advertisers. This time we have seven amazing advertisers, some new and some returning! These have proved to be so popular with readers and bloggers alike, and I can’t thank you all enough for the ongoing support!

But first, let’s talk about the incoming Spring! I don’t know about you, but I am more than ready for the warmer weather, longer evenings, and more opportunities, however, they come! Since COVID began in 2020, the winters seem longer and harsher than ever. And this year has been no exception with the addition of the heartbreaking news from Ukraine and beyond.

I can’t be the only one feeling the pinch at the moment, both in life and online. It’s getting harder and harder to be on social media while maintaining and positive outlook. I’ve taken several social media breaks over the last few weeks, and I have more planned for the coming months.

This is your reminder to step away when you need to.

Image from Matias North.

Seven Amazing Advertisers To Check Out This Spring!

Sunshine Sarah

Sunshine Sarah is just what it says on the tin; a ball of sunshine! I’ve been reading through her blogs and just love the diversity. You’ll find posts about mental health, veganism, environmental concerns, film recommendations, and much more. In her own words, Sarah creates content to make others (and herself) feel better about things. She’s also an avid collector of tattoos which we’re all for here at Nyxie’s Nook!

You can find Sarah on all the usual places such as FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Check out some of Sarah’s favourite posts!

  1. 5 things to look forward to this spring.
  2. 10 Vegan skincare products to try this spring.
  3. 5 Ways to bring spring into your home.

Andrea Hunt

If you’re interested in EFT or life coaching services in the comfort of your own home, look no further than Andrea! She’s a certified transformational life coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation. Andrea is also qualified in Level 2 EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) and a member of AEFTP (Association of Emotional Freedom Technique Professionals). She’s currently working towards her EFT Masters Level 3 Certification.

Here are a few of Andrea’s top picks from her blog.

  1. Why you need to SPRING CLEAN your life!
  2. How the 5 Love Languages Can Help Your Relationship.
  3. The Dangers of Comparison and What to do About it.

Andrea is currently offering a Spring Clean Your Life special! If you’re like me and 2022 is really kicking your butt already, then this may be exactly what you need! The last few years have been really hard on everyone and many people feel stuck in a constant cycle of stress, uncertainty, stagnancy &  lack of fulfillment. 

This special Spring Clean Your Life & Mindset Package is an exclusive combination of transformational life coaching and EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) that will kick start your personal growth so you can start making changes in your life immediately. 

  • Get clear on what’s not working
  • Uncover where your own mindset is sabotaging you to start replacing those beliefs with more helpful, motivating ones
  • Start letting go of past issues and experiences that still affect how you see yourself today
  • Uncover your strengths to quiet that mean little voice that criticizes you, compares you to others, or tells you you’re not good enough.  
  • Envision the life you want along with transformational life coaching future pacing exercise to make it all real in your head

If you’re interested in getting in touch with Andrea, simply email her at Or you can book a 15-minute FREE discovery call to find out if this package is for you!

** It’s important to note that Andrea does not treat trauma and serious psychological issues. Her focus is on helping people manage their stress and anxiety, limiting beliefs, and re-framing and clearing negative emotions on specific information. Please be mindful of this when going into your session.

Bless This Little House

Alicia is a mother of three from Houston, Texas. She loves to bake which is a prominent theme in her blog posts. Better still? She’s self-taught, something we love to see here at Nyxie’s Nook as all my own endeavors are self-taught.

Bless This Little House was an idea born in 2015 when she and her husband purchased their first home. While the blog may not have come along straight away, it was inspired by her home and the growing family within. Alicia knows that raising a family isn’t easy, but through her blog, she shares tips, recipes, and documents her experiences.

You can find Alicia over at FacebookPinterestTwitter, and Instagram.

Here are some of Alicia’s top picks!

Simply Alex Jean

Alex Jean is a blogger with a passion for the pinning platform we all know, Pinterest! She strives to help people grow their business through the use of the platform, and without having to take away more time from their other passions. But you can expect much, much more from Alex Jean! She also blogs about chronic illness, mental health, and various other lifestyle categories! We do love to see a blogger of many niches!

You can follow Alex Jean on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and, of course, Pinterest!

Here are some of Alex Jean’s top picks from her blog!

  1. 6 of the best essential oils for cleaning your house!
  2. Good foods to eat during your period.
  3. Declutter your home in 8 easy steps!

Seeking Serenity & Harmony.

A wonderful wee blog created by Laurie, Seeking Serenity & Harmony is your one-stop for all things chronic illness. She has a ‘no holds bar’ approach to discuss chronic illness and doesn’t stray away from morbid reality. Laurie also uses her blog to showcase her homemaking, parenting and homesteading experience!

One thing I found extremely heartwarming was Laurie’s involvement with Dog Rescue!

You can find and support Laurie of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.

Here are some of Laurie’s top picks from her blog.


That Bookish Club

A virtually gathering place for book lovers, That Bookish Club is perfect if you want to share you love of books with likeminded people. Created by Rachel, That Bookish Club goes above and beyond to unite readers around the world. They come together each month in a zoom call to discuss their current reads, and provide choices from a diverse range of readers. What’s more? They also have a WhatsApp ground for members to join and keep up to date with all the latest! How cool!? And it’s completely free!

There is so much more to discover, so be sure to follow That Bookish Club on all their socials for frequent updates. You can find them on Facebook, and Instagram.

Here are some of Rachel’s top picks!

  1. How To Get Back Into Reading As An Adult.
  2. Audiobooks For First Timers.
  3. Top Tips For Hitting Your Reading Goal.

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  1. Hey Nyxie, Its pure a trust and brand reflection, when people are coming back again. Eventually it will grow for sure as you are giving more importance to your advertisers however some are new for me. Count me as your new follower.

  2. Awesome bloggers and love to check new bloggers from posts like these. Thank you for sharing!

  3. So many great sponsors! Bless This Little House chocolate cake looks absolutely mouthwatering! Can’t wait to give that recipe try. I also want to check out That Bookish Club when I have some free time.

  4. Nnniiiiccceeeee…it is good to know of this month’s advertisers. I am most attracted to “Bless This Little Home”! There is something that has clicked well with me, from the get-go.

  5. I already know some of these wonderful bloggers but I have to check out the ones I am not familiar with. Always glad to learn about new bloggers!

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