Doing More With Less; All The Benefits Of A Clutter-Free Home.

Let’s be honest, maintaining a home is hard work! It can feel like a daily battle to keep a clutter-free home, a cleaning schedule and keep up with everything else! Just how do some people manage to keep their homes pristine?

Let’s be honest, maintaining a home is hard work! It can feel like a daily battle to keep a clutter-free home, a cleaning schedule and keep up with everything else! Just how do some people manage to keep their homes pristine?

Chances are, despite how it looks on the outside, most people with tidy homes will admit that it’s actually a lot of work. But one thing that does help is keeping less clutter.

A clutter-free home makes keeping on top of things much easier, allowing you to do much more with less. Your space will feel bigger, more organised and much easier to control. And that’s just the beginning. Learn all about the benefits of a clutter-free home to inspire you to take charge and finally have the clear-out your home desperately needs.

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A thorough decluttering of your home can feel like a lot of work, so is it really worth it?

One of the biggest benefits of a clutter-free home is being able to keep it clean. If you have fewer items out on display, you’ll have less to put away, less to dust and much more space in your home. After decluttering, you can carry out a big spring clean to help you take charge of your new space so that you know exactly what to do to keep it clean in the future. Once everything has a home, you’ll find the amount of time you spend cleaning massively reduced.

Decluttering has been shown to improve mental health, and it’s easy to see why. Having too many things around you can prove distracting, drawing your attention to lots of different places. With fewer things in your home, especially in an office or in the kitchen, you can focus better and stop feeling pressured about the state of your home. 

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If you’re struggling to get to sleep at night, could clutter be part of the problem? According to studies, decluttering can help you improve your sleep, giving you a calmer sleep environment while easing some of the stress of your environment. You can take the same approach to declutter your mind and enjoy a digital declutter to boost your sleep further.

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If you tend to spend hours searching for things, never knowing where anything is or taking forever to choose clothes, this is where you’ll really feel the benefits of decluttering. You’ll feel much more in control of your belongings and able to make faster, better decisions due to having less to work with. People with smaller, more selective wardrobes, for example, find it much easier to put outfits together in the morning.

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Now that you’ve seen the benefits of decluttering, it’s time to get to work.

Decluttering doesn’t have to take as long as you think. You could declutter your home in one weekend by taking each room in turn and going through what needs to go and what can stay. Once you make a start, you’ll soon see how easy it is to make a lot of progress.

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Decluttering doesn’t have to mean getting rid of all of your unwanted things. Sometimes, it involves organising them and putting things away until they’re needed. Using a storage unit like Lock Stock Self Storage gives you the flexibility to store your belongings when you don’t need them, freeing up space in your home. Many people find this approach works for them and doesn’t have to mean giving up some of your things for good to make some space.

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Getting into the decluttering mindset can be difficult. But you need to be ruthless in order to succeed. If it helps, enlist someone from outside your home to help – they will have a much more objective view on things to help you declutter successfully.

Finally, don’t just stop after your initial decluttering – keep it up! From your wardrobe to your kitchen, take time to assess your things regularly to see what can stay and what can go. This will help you maintain your efforts so you can always keep your home looking its best.

And there you have it! Hopefully, the above will have inspired you to declutter your home so that you can reap all the benefits and say hello to a clean, organised house that’s sure to impress.


  1. I’m trying to find a balance with clutter at the moment. Obviously I don’t want my house to look messy but I’m trying to not be scared of buying stuff which I want / like / brings me joy. Which I very much used to be!

  2. Decluttering is something I love to do! Having a clutter free workspace helps keep me focused. Great tips!

  3. I love living in a clutter free home. Less to worry about and it helps when it comes to important issues like death (I’ve done a fair bit of reading on Swedish death cleaning that’s so important).

  4. Most of my house is clutter-free. We’re guilty of dumping everything in the basement. I’ve procrastinated for months when it comes to decluttering down there. I believe I’ve discovered my new motto: Be Ruthless and Be Realistic!

  5. I love decluttering! I’m quick to give things away! So quick, in fact, that I’ve had to learn to stop before I do it. Sometimes I find I actually needed that object later! But decluttering is so satisfying!

  6. Ruthless and Realisitic — I love that! We are declutting our home preparing to downsize. It can be a monumental task. However, we all simply have too much stuff!

  7. We actually started decluttering today! Less is more and it is a great feeling!

  8. I love all of the benefits of having a clutter-free home! I’m someone who likes to have a tidy house, I can’t stand people keeping stuff “just in case”! x

    Lucy |

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