Essential Gifts for Yoga Lovers.

Do you have yoga lovers in your life but just don’t know what to buy them? Maybe you’re thinking of getting into yoga and you’re feeling a little confused by what you need to get started?

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Do you have yoga lovers in your life but just don’t know what to buy them? Maybe you’re thinking of getting into yoga yourself.

If you couldn’t tell already, I’m an avid yoga lover. My other posts about yoga really got me in the mood to talk more about my favourite, flexible exercise. With my birthday coming up, I specifically wanted to create a wishlist for any fellow yoga lovers, and the yogis in your life.

From my experience, the best place to start is with the basics. Therefore, I’ll not be covering any elaborate yoga equipment such as straps, bands, wheels, etc.

What do you need to get started or to take your practice to the next level?

With yoga, all you need is space, a basic idea or a guided tutorial, and time. I often hear about how people have no time to sit with a yoga routine or meditation. But you see; you do have time! You just can’t focus long enough to use it to your advantage because there’s always something else battling for your attention.

My advice to you is to sit with it. Do it for one day for just ten minutes and see how it feels. Then keep bringing yourself back again and again until it becomes the one place you can go to make yourself feel more at peace.

Image from cottonbro studio

Basic Gifts for Yoga Lovers.

Yoga Pants.

For any yoga lover, the key to good practice is the comfort of the clothing. You’ll hear it in various classes, and online videos; Get into something comfortable, and let’s get started.

I have about ten different pairs of yoga pants. They tend to be my everyday living attire whether or not I’m doing yoga! They’re stretchy, comfortable, and great when I’m having a bad body image day.

I came across a number of yoga pants on Amazon quite early on in my yoga journey, and have since bought a few pairs from the same seller. They’re an excellent fit, stretchy, and have various quirky designs! Later on in my journey, I was introduced to other sellers such as Sugar Pockets. All the comfort of yoga pants, with pockets? Yes please, I’ll have 10!

Yoga pants don’t always have to be skin tight, they can also be ‘floaty’ and allow the air around your legs. I have a few pairs of lovely, more bohemian pants to practice in.

Yoga Mat.

Although you can do yoga without a mat, any yoga lover will tell you that it’s better to use one to encourage good wrist support. How technical of us, right? Truth be told I’ve done yoga without a mat (on vacation, wouldn’t recommend it) and I certainly felt the difference on my weak wrists and forearms.

My first mat was from Home Bargains. It served me well for about a year or so of on-and-off yoga, and then six months completely on. It wasn’t until I upgraded to a Bionix yoga mat that I really felt the difference. This mat was not only easier on my joints but also didn’t slip as much on the tiled and wooden floors.

If you’re not quite in the market for an expensive mat, I get it. If you’re only starting out with yoga and don’t want to commit then I suggest using a towel to reduce the tension on your forearms and wrists. Equally, you can purchase a cheaper mat from your local store or from Amazon where they go for as little as Β£3.99.

What yoga mat is complete without a suitable yoga bag? None, that’s the answer.

Personally speaking, I love this bag from Elenture. It not only fits my yoga mat but it can also double as an overnight bag if I’m travelling. I have the blue elephant bag just for reference.

Yoga Blocks.

They might not seem essential to new yogis, but after a while, they’re a necessity. Yoga lovers everywhere will tell you that they never knew they needed blocks until they realised the importance of manipulating certain poses.

Those yogis that get themselves into weird and wonderful shapes didn’t do so overnight. It took practice and over time the body adjusted. Using blocks is an easy way to help your body gradually learn to adjust to the pose.

You can use alternatives if you have them handy. I personally didn’t and often resorted to piles of books which was both inconvenient and unsteady.

The first set of yoga blocks I got were from VLFit. They’re simple, come in different colours and cost only Β£7.99 for two.

Yoga-inspired cards!

A few weeks ago I came across ‘Yoga Cards‘ to help me discover and try new poses! Beforehand, I was mostly sticking to the same routines, and following Yoga through youtube videos. While this was a great way to ensure I got at least ten minutes of practice a day, it did get boring. But using yoga cards means I can add so variety to my everyday practice! Some are easier than others, but it means I can build on what I’m already good at. And if I’m not great, I can continue to work on it at my own pace!

While these aren’t the exact cards I’m using, they’re very similar! Or this cheaper alternative.


Hear me out on this one. Yes, you can wear regular old socks to practice, but you might need something with more grip if you’re on a tile or hardwood floor. Or if you’re attending your local studio. I currently have both a black and blue pair which I wear even for simply moving around the house. These socks aren’t the exact pair I have, but a cheaper alternative!

Quirky yoga-themed gifts!

While not designed to boost your yoga practice, these are certainly a win for any yoga lover. These cute gifts all follow the same yoga theme! My personal favourite is the ‘yoga-cats‘ for your plant pots! Afterall, what better animal is there to inspire anything yoga-themed but cats?

There are countless yoga-themed gifts out there! Including these three little flamingos in various poses, and this straight-to-the-point tote bag.

What other yoga gifts can you think of?

Are there any yoga basics you would’ve added? I would also love to hear about some of your pieces of yoga equipment in the comments, or across any of my socials.


  1. Really great ideas for gifts for yoga lovers all of them are definitely essential and a few I see I need to get myself. Thanks for this!

  2. I love your dedication to yoga and your passion for sharing it with others. I am also impressed by your knowledge of yoga gear and your ability to find affordable and quality options. I am definitely going to add some of these items to my own yoga wishlist! I especially love the yoga cards, & the yoga socks. I think they would be perfect for any yoga lover. Thank you again for sharing your wishlist! It is clear that you are a true yoga enthusiast, and I am grateful for your insights and recommendations.

  3. Awesome list of essential gifts for yoga lovers. That yoga mat looks amazing! I could also use some new yoga pants! Thank you for the fabulous suggestions!

  4. Nnniiiccceeeee…I hadn’t heard of yoga blocks before. I’d like to be gifted with them, for a start.

  5. That non-slip mat is a great idea. Plus, I think using it almost everyday someone who loves yoga would a appreciate a new one any time!

  6. Would you believe I have never even tried yoga? I know of the benefits, but haven’t tried it. But yes, these gifts are certainly good ideas. A yoga mat is one of the best places to start.

  7. Every item is definitely an essential gift to all Yoga lovers out there! Every item will complement each other and help every Yoga lover with that comfortable feeling! Loved it!

  8. Great ideas for Yoga lovers. I have a few of friends who would be interested in getting this. Thank you for sharing!

  9. That yoga mat would be perfect for my sister. She’s does it every day, and her mat is starting to show the wear.

  10. She always makes me feel motivated and good as well. I did her Yoga for Grief lately and just cried so much. I didn’t know how much I needed to cry until I was finished and felt SO much better!
    Thank you for reading, Krysten! x

  11. Some people like it, others don’t. It’s a preference. My partner prefers Tai-Chi because he finds yoga too slow for him.

  12. Those leggings, in particular, are very good. They aren’t see-through at all. With that being said I have a few pairs and some are better than others, so it’s luck of the draw sometimes!
    I tend to only do Yoga at home so I don’t care who sees my knickers!

  13. I love getting myself new yoga pants even when I don’t need them! I recently got a new mat as well and love it!
    Stay safe! x

  14. I do not do Yoga but Yoga pants are always amazing especially when my girlfriend is putting them on

  15. Thanks to this post! I now have the idea what to give to my office mate who always encourages me to do yoga with her. <3

  16. I physically cannot do yoga but I love my yoga pants , especially the ones with pockets

  17. Now that I have to stay inside for the next few weeks, I should try yoga. I had no idea so many yoga accessories existed.

  18. Nobody can ever have enough yoga pants, so that’s a very good gift. Extra points if they have a special design as well. πŸ™‚

  19. I wanted to buy a gift for my sister. She is into yoga . So I will buy her some of these yoga accessories. Thanks for sharing.

  20. I am actually interested in yoga. But just like what you’ve said, there are other things that bothers my mind which completely shuts me off my Yoga thinking.
    I would love to have those pants, looks very comfortable and can be used not just during yoga session but throughout the day.

  21. I’ve been searching for recommended yoga pants to find the pair that I love wearing. I’m going to give the Sugar Pockets a try.

  22. Those are such great ideas of gifts! Even for non yoga lovers! As yoga pants can be used for any other workout as well. The confinement would be a great opportunity to get back into yoga myself

  23. These are all great ideas for yoga lovers! I still haven’t gotten back into yoga, I need to visit Adriene, she always makes me feel good!

  24. I can’t do do yoga because I get the giggles. My daughter loves it though, so she’d like these!

  25. As a yoga lover, I can confirm that these are the sort of gifts I want. Hahahah. Those Amazon leggings look amazing. I’d be interested to know how see-through they go though? My biggest fear is down-dogging on the front row of a yoga class with see-through leggings.

  26. I would say that they are not only useful ideas for yoga lovers, but also for those like me who have started practicing it and must start doing it with the right tools.

  27. What a great reminder of great gift for the yoga lovers in our life. I have a dear friend that is a yoga lover and sometimes I have no idea on what to give her on a special occasion. Now I do.

  28. I have went through so many mats just trying to find good wrist support. And also because my cat likes to scratch them!

    Thank you so much for reading and commenting πŸ˜€

  29. I’ve actually been wanting to upgrade my yoga mat so this gives me a great idea on what to purchase. Guess I know what I’m gifting myself.

  30. Oh yes! That would have been perfect to add but I completely forgot. Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll have to add it whenever I decided to update this πŸ™‚

  31. These are great! Another good one is a strap that holds the yoga mat together and makes it easier to carry!

  32. I still have yet to get new blocks! My cat destroyed my last ones and the yoga mat! I’ll have to go back to my own guide and get new practice material! Thank you very much for reading πŸ˜€

  33. Those are some great gift ideas,that yoga blocks look interesting. I have a friend who loves Yoga and those would be nice item to get her for Christmas

  34. Now this reminds me that I have got a yoga mat here that I haven’t even used! waaaa

  35. Thanks for this list! I have friends who are yoga lovers and I’m sure they would love this.

  36. I know I for sure would love that yoga mat and yoga bag. I feel like having that mat would be so helpful within doing different exercises. I also love those space yoga leggings! They are really cute.

  37. These are such great gifts ideas for yoga lovers! Those blocks were super helpful when I practiced for a *very* short while… lol.

  38. Lol well that actually makes me feel better about it! And I’m so here for that 2020 ????????

  39. These are fabulous gifts for Yoga lovers and I know many of them. I am new to Yoga and could use these myself…. thanks for sharing!

  40. Great gift ideas for yoga lovers here. The yoga pants and mat are great essentials for yoga.

  41. Wonderful suggestions. I have never done yoga, but would like to. I’m out of shape though and am no longer very flexible. I would love to change that.

  42. I am not really into yoga but I would love to receive a yoga mat so that I can practice at home. Maybe I will start to like it. Great suggestions in this gift guide!

  43. I didn’t know where to start either but I simply follow along with youtube videos. I might do new post in 2020 about getting started with Yoga!

  44. It certainly is motivating to get new yoga gear! It always draws me back to the mat when I slack! I hope she takes it up. It’s a lovely practice, even just for once a week.

  45. For sometime now I have been convincing my wife to take up yoga. I will buy her this basic yoga essentials on your list and hopefully she will get motivated.

  46. These are amazing, thanks a lot for sharing! I am looking for a new Yoga matt, will check this one out.

  47. Awesome gifts for yoga lovers. I would love some new yoga pants because I use them most all the time, not only for yoga because they are super comfy and stretchy.

  48. I like yoga, I just don’t know where to start. I should probably take a class or something because I’m at a loss. I’m following you to see if I can pick up some tips!

    Keep sharing????

  49. Yes, these are all great ideas! I’m thinking of joining a yoga studio soon and would love all of these!

  50. That’s a very useful post for newbies like me. Never done yoga before. So it’s something new and useful for people like me!

  51. My cat also loves to scratch my old mat! She now uses my old cheap one while I practice on my own, but somehow that doesn’t stop her trying to claim my new mat as territory. Typical cat!

  52. This came to my attention at just the right moment – my cat decided that my yoga mat would make a great scratching post where it was sitting so I’ve been looking into options for a new one lol

  53. Great ideas! I did not know there was such a thing as wide leg yoga pants. Also, you explain the need for blocks well.

  54. I do yoga without a teacher. I’ve never been to a proper class and only use Youtube tutorials and books to help me out. It’s like anything if you think about it; If you go to the gym without a trainer, can you not hurt yourself too? You can hurt yourself doing anything, so it’s best just to be careful and know your own limits πŸ™‚

  55. I really liked that mat, it was nice to see that they actually make eco friendly. Tree lovers like me could appreciate that????. This is totally off the topic, but I’ve read a lot that you can’t do yoga without a teacher, (because you could hurt yourself) is that true or am I safe to continue doing my own?

  56. I was once given a set of cards with yoga poses on them. They were pretty cool you mixed them up to make a routine everyday.

  57. I’m exactly the same! The reason I do these lists sometimes is to compile things I want, hint at my boyfriend to read but end up buying myself!

  58. Great gifting inspiration, and I actually really like the sound of that Bionix mat so I’ll check that one out – for myself though! That’s the problem with these lists, I end up buying things for me not other people ????
    Caz xx

  59. I love practicing yoga! I will definitely drop this post to anyone looking for a gift idea for ME. Thanks for sharing.

  60. As a yoga lover myself, I would love to receive any of your suggestions as gifts! I love your choice of yoga pants; I adore bold prints too.

  61. You should certainly give it a go. There is literally nothing to lose and if you use an online guided video, then you’re not out any money for trying πŸ™‚

  62. Interesting post. Now I know what I could buy my yoga loving friends. I’ve never done yoga myself but have thought about it. Maybe I’ll give it a go.

  63. These yoga blocks are hard but not too hard, so there is some give there. The purpose is to allow you to lift yourself or support your own body in some way, so there needs to be a certain amount of support there. Thank you so much for stopping by πŸ˜€

  64. I love yoga pants so much! They have all the security of pants, but stretchy so they allow you some freedom! Thank you for stopping by – I really appreciate it πŸ™‚

  65. Thank you for stopping by. I’m struggling to get back into it after the passing of my grandmother, but I have faith that I’ll get there soon.

  66. Thank you for reading. Yoga blocks can be so helpful when it comes to more complicated positions. Even for the easier ones. Blocks just give us support when we need it, and really pillows don’t cut it.

  67. I hope one of my gift givers reads this πŸ™‚ I would love all these to help my yoga practice and make it even more fun!

  68. Getting into yoga is my July goal. I had no idea there are such things as yoga blocks. Thank you for the really useful info xxx

  69. My mat is getting slippy so I am going to shop for a new one. Thanks for the tips.

    If you come across any good sites for yoga tops, I’d love to know about them!

  70. I realize this was gifts for other people, but this has reminded me how badly I’ve wanted new yoga pants. I’ve also wanted to try the yoga blocks.I’ll have to give the VLFit ones a try!
    Thank you for sharing!

  71. I just checked out the guided tutorial. I will try to check out some of those soon. Really want to get into my yoga flow. It’s been way too long. Thanks for sharing.

  72. All great suggestions. You can’t have too many pairs of yoga and the brands that you mentioned are new to me. I’ll have to check the ones in your post are super cute. Also that Bionix yoga mat sounds amazing. I’ve been looking to upgrade my mat for a while and the Bionix mat sounds like it would be a perfect fit.

  73. As a yoga lover, these are gifts I would most definitely love to receive. You can never have enough yoga pants, right? They are so comfy! I just checked out Sugar Pockets and they have so many awesome designs, loving the space themes! Thanks for the recommendation, they are so affordable too. Also agree that a good yoga mat is such a worthwhile investment – great suggestions Nyxie! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  74. I have that exact pair from Sugar Pockets πŸ˜€ they are awesome!
    I have an extra thick mat from VLFit, but I hadn’t thought about a bag and I keep debating over whether or not to get blocks now. Straps I improvise with towels, dressing gown ties, even headbands on occasion, I just find it so hard to justify buying blocks when I don’t do the poses I could really use them for (like splits) very often.
    I might add them to my wishlist for christmas XD but I’m glad to know that VLFit do them, I trust the brand cuz my mat is still going strong after 18 months of almost daily use, and living on the floor, having my stuff dumped on it when I’m not using it.

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