Fabulous February Advertisers.

February is the month of love and I just LOVE hosting all these wonderful February advertisers here on the blog.

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February is the month of love and I just LOVE hosting all these wonderful February advertisers here on the blog. Whether you’ve heard of them before, or this is your first time, please pop through and give them some encouragement.

I would just like to take this opportunity once again to thank all my readers, advertisers, and supporters. This month marks my three years of blogging, with the official domain being taken on later in March. It’s been a mixture of blood, sweat, and tears, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. There was never a moment in my early adult years that I could ever have imagined myself in this position. I always imagined I’d be stuck in an office or on a site, managing health and safety. Yet, here I am, doing something that not only benefits my own health but the health of those around me. This February I want you to prioritize yourselves! Be kind to yourself, be generous with your body, and, above all, love yourself.

Fab February Advertisers!

Happy Is

Happy Is is back again this year and we’re more than HAPPY about it! Rebecca from Happy Is uses her blog to promote simplicity and encourages people to transform their lives for the better. She uses her experiences to teach others how they can take control of their lives and experience true, undiluted freedom. Burnt out and sick of the daily grind? Then look no further than Happy Is!

Here are some of their top blog picks for you to check out.

You can find Rebbecca on all the usual places such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Sunshine Sarah

Sunshine Sarah is just what it says on the tin; a ball of sunshine! I’ve been reading through her blogs and just love the diversity. You’ll find posts about mental health, veganism, environmental concerns, film recommendations, and much more. In her own words, Sarah creates content to make others (and herself) feel better about things. You can also find Sarah on Instagram and Twitter should you fancy it.

Check out some of Sarah’s favourite posts!

You can find Sarah on all the usual places such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Weird Lifestyle

Eri is the creator of Weird Lifestyle! Hailing from Greece, Eri started her blog back in 2021, in the midst of COVID 19. Weird Lifestyle is a blog filled with inspiring and motivational articles, thought-provoking writing, short stories, and even poetry. As a creative writing student, it’s the perfect place for Eri to stretch her wings.

Check out some of Eri’s favourite posts!

Bee Money Savvy

Created by Emma, this blog is full of financial wisdom! Want to know how to budget? Save for your first home? How to make money from your sofa? No problem! Emma has you covered. Her motivation for writing about finances comes from her parents. After receiving some bad advice that led them into debt, Emma wants to ensure no one else goes through the same ordeal.

Further still, Emma’s writing has been featured in various publications and she’s won a variety of awards for her savvy saving!

Here are some of Emma’s top picks.

Riyah Speaks

This wonderful blog is run by Seriah, better known as Riyah to you and me. She’s a survivor of mental illness and, like many of us, talks at length about her experiences. Her blogging journey began mid-2020 after being forced into isolation by COVID-19. Riyah’s passion lies with digital marketing, so she wanted to find new ways of showcasing her work alongside her writing.

Here are some of Riyah’s favourites!


A blog focusing on wellbeing, self-care, and mental health, without all the padding! Dispeller writes about many things they wish they had known many years ago. Much like myself, they talk about narcissism and self-sabotage, both of which ring true in my own personal life. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed dipping into their blog nodding along in agreement, and I have no doubt you will too!

Here are some of Dispeller’s top picks!

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  1. My morning routine is so important to me. Especially the stretching part. No matter how rushed I am, I try to at least stretch.

  2. Hhhhmmmm….I’m glad you have gotten some advertisers for this month. I am so keenly attentive to “Weird Lifestyle”! I will check them out soon enough.

  3. Amazing people, love to know about new blogs from this kind of post. Thank you for sharing!

  4. This seems like a great collection of worth-reading blogs. I like their concept and the content they provide. I will surely check them out
    Thank you so much for sharing

  5. Hello February! There are indeed so many bloggers to look forward too. I will be definitely checking each one of them. Thank you for featuring them.

  6. These sound like really lovely blogs. It’s always good to discover good ones to read especially ones that focus on self care etc.

  7. I’m so happy that you are finally back, I love your every post. Gives us readers the information that can help us and excel in many things while doing it with the right mindset.

  8. Wow – lots of new bloggers for me to check out as I’m not super familiar with their content! I adore Riyah’s blogs and always love her self-care posts! Thanks for sharing this awesome list, can’t wait to read their work.

  9. I may need to advertise with you in the future but there are so many different people offering services I never know where to look! I recently followed Bee Money Savvy on Pinterest and have taken a lot away in specific posts she’s written so will check out her blog also 🙂

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