Five fabulous inclusive date ideas.

Even before the pandemic, inclusive date ideas were lacking, to say the least. Sometimes going to dinner and a movie isn’t the easiest option with many places being inaccessible to wheelchairs or mobility aids.

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Finding love or companionship has become somewhat difficult in the last year and a half. With COVID continuing, and many places being in lockdown, it’s hard out there for a singleton. But even before the pandemic, inclusive date ideas were lacking, to say the least. Sometimes going to dinner and a movie isn’t the easiest option with many places being inaccessible to wheelchairs or mobility aids. Then there are the other restrictions that COVID-19 raises, specifically in regards to the immunocompromised.

So, it’s time to think outside the box. For those of us who live with various chronic illnesses and disabilities, outside the box has always been a way of life. Whether you’re staying home or braving the outside, there’s something here for everyone.

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Looking for more information on dating with a disability? Check out the Youtube channel for some very useful and informative videos on looking for love!Disabled dating UK is easier than ever before! Dispite all the porblems faced by accessability, pandemic panic and staying indoors, more and more people are finding companionship every day.

Top 5 Inclusive date ideas.

Plan your stay-at-home-date around a specific theme. 

Have ever watched that one episode of Community where they all dress up like characters from Pulp Fiction for Amed’s birthday? Creating an event centered around a specfic theme isn’t a new idea. But we very seldom carry that over into our date nights. If you’re both into a particular film, movie, show or even style, why not center your date night around that? I can think of nothing better than a spooky themed date night. Complete with atompshere, scary movies, themed cocktails and food, and maybe even costumes! It sounds like halloween, but to me it’s heaven!

But what makes it an inclusive date? Well, if you’re staying in then there’s no need to worry about getting dressed up, feeling tired and accessability. You have all your home comforts at your finger tips. If you want to fall asleep during the second Lord of The Rings, then who’s stopping you? Still dressed as Frodo? No problem! Who’s going to care?

Break out the acrylics and get creative! 

My husband and I are both creative people in our own right. Between my illustration and many projects, and his digital work, we make a great team. But rarely to we work on something simintanisely. That was until this past week when we were both stuck in quarentine together for a number of days. We took to sanding and finishing numerous DIY projects around the house that had long since been forgotten. In the past we’ve even painted a canvas together and created video game posters for the house!

But you don’t have to be naturally artisitic to get creative. Even the act of creating something together is enough. Creativity is within all of us and there’s nothing better for your mental health than using art as an outlet.

Image from Roselyn Tirado.

Not sure where to start with this one? Here are a few simple ideas!

  • Grab yourself a set of cheap canvases, paints and some brushes. Paint without a plan or with a plan, either way canvases can always be dried out and covered. Who knows, you might be the next Van Gogh!?
  • Clay can be picked up from your local art supply store or online. You don’t need much knowledge of clay work to know how to shape it. And if you do want to make something with structure, there are various Youtube tutorials to get you started.
  • Dip dye clothing using a tie dye kit. Or, if you’re careful, you can dye dark clothing with bleach to create a cool grunge effect!

There are endless possibilites when it comes to getting creative together!

Pack a picnic and head to your local nature trail. 

This is my favourite thing to do when the weathers as nice as it has been lately. And there are plenty of accessable nature trails around my area that are the perfect place for an inclusive date. No need to worry about wheel chair access or steps as most nature trails have been developed to accomodate everyone!

Pack up your favourite blanket, a bag with cool packs to keep your sandwiches chill, and plenty of water. It’s time to take the good of the summer we’ve been given and to enjoy lunch al fresco. If you have a canine or feline friend, why not bring them too!?

Enjoy a game night.

As an avid gamer, my husband and I often have date nights with games as the foundation. There are so many ways you can incoporate games into your gate night. You can either play online in a multiplayer game, or forgo the screens and try your hand at a table top. You can even host couples nights with trivia, Monopoly or something similar!

If you’re currently single and looking for love, there are various ways the online world can help you find someone. Whether it’s for love or just for company, disabled dating uk is made so much easier with the help of specfic online resources. Online dating is an excellent way to meet someone, especially at the moment with various concerns regarding COVID. Failing that, it’s not unheard of for one to fall in love with the help of a MMORPG such as Final Fantasy 14 or World of Warcraft.

Bring the taste of Italy to you!

One of our favourite date night ideas is to create a meal for each other with no help from the other person. By this I mean you don’t ask what ingredients they like, what they want etc. You use your prior knowledge of each other to create something you think they’d like.

My husband and I often make pizza for each other using ingreidients we know the other would like. While this sometimes ends in failure, such as his ‘beetroot’ pizza from 2020, it’s always fun and interesting.

Not sure how to get started? Here’s a fantastic guide on making your own Italian inspired pizza from scratch!

Image from Inna Podolska.

Have you any other suggestions for inclusive date nights?

While these are only a handful of ideas, there are tons more out there!This post by Good Housekeeping holds hundreds of out-of-the-box date ideas for new or longterm partners! Alternatively I’d love to hear some of your own suggestions in the comments below!


  1. I love your ideas for inclusive date nights! My hubby and I like to dedicate Saturday night to doing something special at home and often this is built around a theme (like a Las Vegas night)! Thanks for sharing your ideas which will certainly prove to be useful for us.

  2. Such a lovely post, it’s so important to be inclusive ❤ I really like the sound of forming the date around a theme x

  3. Love these recommendations! I think getting creative is a fun and refreshing way to enjoy a date. Thank you for sharing these inclusive ideas x

  4. These are great inclusive dates ideas. But I preferred to have a date at home since COVID19 is still there and getting worst.

  5. Having a game-night is a great idea! I am yet to try it out, though! #DatingGoals

  6. Creativity is the key. We can always make dating ideas inside the house. My ultimate dating ideas is to go binge watching a netflix love story series and a candle lit dinner. simple yet romantic, especially if you can control the lightings inside.

  7. These are all such awesome ideas for the perfect inclusive date! I love all of the fun ways for everyone to bond together. So fun and empowering! Thank you for putting all of these awesome suggestions together for us.

  8. Wow, what an inspiring and empowering post! All those great ideas will certainly grant a great time – for everyone 🙂

  9. I am all about nature! I love this idea. In fact, i do this all the time. Time outside benefits our physical health. Being with someone special will make everything perfect!

  10. This is a great post and so many beautiful ideas for fun dates. It is important to change up the routine of your dating life to make things more fun!

  11. great tips. currently in an LDR situation. but whenever we’re together we make the most of our time together.. 😉

  12. I appreciate this more than fancy getaways and dinners , I think pandemic have changed our mindset to be more appreciative with our partners no matter what. Simple things are the best

  13. I love the picnic idea though, ideally, I would love it at the beach or on the cliff overlooking the ocean. This is my happy place.

  14. These are fabulous inclusive date ideas! I especially love game night. My husband and I have had incredible conversations over card games and candle light.

  15. I love these ideas so much! Not everyone can just waltz into wherever, and I think those of us who can and take it for granted don’t often think about that.

  16. I think these are fantastic ideas! I love that they have some creativity behind them.It’s fun to mix things up.

  17. Some great suggestions here – I also read recently on another blog about creating a surprise jar (it was a birthday post) and picking one idea out to enact – that could be a fun way to celebrate date night too!

  18. Dating in the midst of a pandemic is a challenge. But with a little creativity, we can easily pull-off a perfect date experince.

  19. love this!! the idea of a painting night or something with clay is very cool and I hadn’t thought about it. My partner and I cook a lot so that kept us busy during lockdown but I like the creative approach you mentioned 🙂 nice article!

  20. love this!! the idea of a painting night or something with clay is very cool and I hadn’t thought about it. My partner and I cook a lot so that kept us busy during lockdown but I like the creative approach you mentioned 🙂 nice article!

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