Top 5 morning mood boosters.

There are several things I have been doing to combat my moody, negative, nocturnal attitude to the sunrise.Β 

Start your day off right with these top five morning mood boosters!

I’ve never been much into mornings. I’m naturally a night owl through and through, and, given the choice, I’d sit up until five a.m. There’s something comforting in the dark and quiet of the night. The morning signals a new day and, sometimes, I’m not quite ready for that.

If it wasn’t for my tiny lions, I’d still sleep well past noon. Don’t get me wrong, there are days when my medication knocks me out to the point of sleeping well past their feeding time. But for the most part, I’m awake (not necessarily alert) every morning at six. 

I’ve tried many different things to boost my morning mood. Some have worked while others have lasted a few days before falling to the wayside. At the moment during the COVID-19 pandemic, I find myself going back to the basics in order to instil calmness at the start of each day.

Top 5 ways you can boost your morning mood.

Always remember to stretch.

I love stretching. There’s nothing better than stretching in bed, after getting up, in the shower, and while doing yoga (duh). There was a time when I was simply too ‘busy’ to allow myself the wonders of an arms-over-head stretch! Instead of taking a second to pop my joints, I rushed out of bed, into my work clothes and out the door within the space of fifteen minutes. There was barely enough time to register that I was awake!

Now that I’m working on healing my body from years of on-off recovery, my joints and bones are aching. Far more than they surely should for a twenty-something-year-old. My right hip pops when I walk, my ankles are stiff, my wrists ache, my shoulders are a war zone of stress and my lower back has just gone to the dogs. 

My body thanks me for taking the time to stretch. It thanks me for carrying on through yoga, for taking light exercise, and for nourishing it, even on the days, I don’t want to.

Read more about the benefits of morning stretches.

Drink water.

Reach for the water first thing to increase alertness, kick-start your metabolism and help fuel your brain. If nothing else, drink water for rehydration. You’ve been asleep for six to eight hours (if not longer, you lucky devil) so your body is crying out for water. 

As simple as it seems, it can be difficult to remember to drink water in the morning. Especially if you’re a coffee addict like me. But there’s no better way to boost your morning mood than to gulp down cool, refreshing water.

Eat a well-balanced breakfast.

I avoided breakfast like the plague for years. All I needed was coffee and a cigarette, and maybe a bit of water. Now that I’ve no choice but to follow my meal plan, I’ve become fully converted. 

Eating breakfast in the morning has many, many benefits aside from the usual ‘weight loss’. Because we’ve been fasting during the night our blood sugar takes a hit, and with lower blood sugar comes higher levels of cortisol in order to balance it out. If you don’t eat, you don’t raise your blood pressure to an adequate and sustainable level, so you’re more likely to be stressed. You can also imagine that this will have a knock-on effect on your concentration and productivity levels. 

With breakfast, you’ll be able to take on the morning with lower stress, levelled blood sugars, heightened concentration and ready to be productive!

Allow yourself 5 minutes to focus on your breathing.

Take five minutes to be with your breathing. I know you might be running late or you might have sh*t to do but it’s just five minutes. No, don’t do it in the car! Take time for yourself to just breathe while showering, while stretching, or while standing in the kitchen with your cup of coffee in your hands.

I know it sounds silly. Surely I’m breathing right?! Yeah, you are, but breathing and being with your breathing are two very different things. 

Yoga with Adriene taught me a fantastic little move that I practice several times a day when I feel myself getting irritated or twisted up in my own thoughts. 

  • Place the tongue just behind the front two teeth.
  • Inhale for four seconds. 
  • Hold for seven seconds.
  • Exhale for eight seconds. 
Image from Vlada Karpovich

Gratitude and affirmations. 

I highly recommend it the use of daily gratitude and affirmations. Both have been a ritual of mine since early 2019. Of course, there are times when I’ve slacked on these, namely mornings when I’ve had to rush into work or when I’m feeling particularly rotten. But for the most part, I find them enjoyable and they really help my morning mood.

I currently use Evernote but in the past have used a gratitude journal I created. In both, I write things like ‘I AM ENOUGH‘ or ‘I AM DESERVING‘. I give thanks for things like my friends, my warm home, Ryan and my cats, and, sometimes it’s something simple like Netflix or coffee. Β 

Doing this on a daily basis can help boost our mood and allows us to see that although things might be sh*t, we do have things we can appreciate in life.

How do you boost your mood each morning? Are there weird and wonderful things you’ve tried?


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  2. I still struggle with breakfast but find that I’m feeling much better for eating it.
    Sending much love and thank you for reading. xx

  3. I have been doing most of these, except the “well balanced breakfast” thing. I usually rush right into the day and “remember” to have breakfast when it is almost close to lunchtime. That has to change!

  4. As long as I remember I have never been a morning person really but yet due to jobs and work I always had an early start and although I did all the other things.. breakfast is something I have never got used to. Somehow can’t just eat in the morning πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks for the tips! I should do the 5 minutes breathing and the gratitudes and affirmations every morning!

  6. Thank you so much for popping in and reading. I really appreciate your support. I’m still a night owl through and through, and COVID has made it worse in ways!

  7. My energy levels are really low at the moment but I think considering what we’re all going through, it’s understandable.
    I hope you’re all managing to stay safe! x

  8. I love Yoga with Adriene and I’ve even gotten my partner into it as well. I just can’t stomach breakfast sometimes. Yeah, okay sometimes I literally can’t go without, but the lockdown has made me lose all appetite!

  9. These are great tips. A morning routine can definitely set the tone for the day. I am doing all of you tips and they are very helpful and keep me centred. Loved it????

  10. I always start a day with a big glass water, light stretch and cuddles with my pups. I often do meditation and affirmations as well

  11. As it is said first impression is the last impression… so It is therefore necessary to make your days morning relaxed and energized….. these all suggestions are workable…Thanks for sharing them….

  12. Just this morning I got up and worked out first thing. I never do that. But I feel on top of the world right now!

  13. I love the items you listed here, all are very doable and useful especially in todays situation.

  14. i could use a morning mood booster for tomorrow i’m sure. thanks for this post in advance!! ready to start a new week!!!

  15. These are definitely some great habits to get into! As someone who constantly rises early (thanks, work!) I’ve noticed my mood doesn’t tend to even out until around midday. I neglect myself in my rush to get to where I need to be. Now that I’m lucky enough to work from home, I’m definitely going to have to try these out and see how I get on – especially stretching!

  16. Great post, I would definitely say breakfast is something that boosts my mood in the mornings. At the moment though as I’m working from home, I do end up waking up later and then rush having to log into my work laptop so don’t eat breakfast before starting work and I can definitely see how I end up feeling more stressed because of it. A good stretch is great too!

    Chloe xx

  17. Okay now I think I have to start writing my gratitude down everyday. I usually think about it but I never put the pen to paper. These are perfect ways to make the mornings more enjoyable.

  18. Thanks for sharing these great morning booster tips. . I do most of them, though sometimes I cant do meditation , first thing, due to the kids. But i do it by mid morning at least. I have always been a morning person. I love my sleep at night πŸ™‚

  19. Good ideas! I always feel better after I stretch. I have coffee in my AM routine, too. Thanks!

  20. It was lovely to read of your new morning mood-improving ritual. I really have to do more about this. Unfortunately as soon as I wake up I seem to be on my laptop within minutes since I’m working from home during this pandemic.

  21. thank you for these tips. although i need to work on some areas, i immediately drink water right after waking up! πŸ™‚ thank you for sharing…

  22. Just came across your blog and I love it. Also really like the idea of this post – helpful tips as someone who isn’t quite a morning person ☺️????

  23. I’m a morning person and, except for stretching, I did all of these without realising. Thanks for some great tips.
    Al x

  24. What great tips! I’m like you with mornings – I find them so difficult, and much prefer the stillness of night. I’ve started spending a little bit of time before I get out of bed just listening to the birds, and I don’t shut my blinds the night before so the morning sun energises me and makes me feel positive, rather than having all that comfy darkness enveloping me and luring me back to my dreams! Totally agree with you on water, too – I always try and drink a pint of water before I start on the coffee.

  25. i really need to drink more water, i should use a reminder on my phone. these are very useful tips πŸ™‚

  26. Awesome points! I make sure to do a short stretching exercise every morning to properly wake myself up now that I’m not leaving home.

  27. I loved all of the tips you’ve mentioned. I’ve been doing yoga every morning do stretch & relax my body ready for the day ahead.
    Thank you for sharing.

  28. Planned and bound life is difficult, so still didn’t controlled most of the five morning mood boosters! Trying to review and apply these good points…

  29. Why are mornings so hard for some of us? These are excellent tips to help make them more enjoyable. Can’t wait to do them all tomorrow when I wake up.

  30. I am still not doing as well with these as I originally wanted to. I am renewing my thought patterns about this right now!

  31. This is great advice! I know all these things can make a big difference but I am not always good about remembering to do them.

  32. What an incredible list of ways to improve mornings, I’m like you I could stay up through the night until 5am no problem at all, in fact during lockdown I have been but it makes me feel super unproductive and guilty waking up at 1 or 2pm in the afternoon then and it’s definitely not something I could do when all this goes back to normal. I’ve not tried stretching but I have tried the other methods and can confirm that they do help.

  33. How we start the day has an absolute affect on how the remainder is carried out. Thanks for sharing these tips to start out on a positive note.

  34. Absolutely the best tips to start the day with spring something that is not at all obvious!

  35. We all need mood boosters! And I love this list because they are simple and easy to remember. Yet, powerful.

  36. The past several days I’ve been waking up before the kids and walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes. I definitely notice that my mood is slightly better! Maybe not an improvement in energy yet, but I’ll get there.

  37. Yoga with Adriene! She’s amazing, isn’t she?

    I’ve never understood people that don’t eat breakfast. I would be at such a loss if I started the day without breakfast. Usually it’s a green smoothie for me, gets the juices (haha, get it!?) flowing!

  38. Stress is horrible on the human body. I’ve since started yoga (Feb 2019) and find it can be so helpful in it’s management.
    Thank you for reading and commenting πŸ™‚

  39. stress come from overload of work and it mostly occur in human when they don’t know properly their work or because of their bad habbit they made their work more complicated which convert in stress and then devlop as a form of anxiety agony and many more mental health which lead a serious mental health you should yoga veryday for your mental healt and removal of stress how to do yoga is a game of mind wanna know click here

  40. These are all perfect and easy to do. I am writing them on an index card and putting them on my nightstand. Then I can do at least a couple of them daily until they become habit.

  41. This is a fantastic post Nyxie. 1 and 2 are seriously so important and I neglected them for years. Now I keep water by the bed and stretch before even climbing out of bed.
    Great tips!

  42. I love this! I tend to do stretches when i remember hahaha but I will do better henceforth! I don’t joke with my morning ”water” and I will add meditation to my morning routine! Great post!

  43. I love this post! I am definitely one of then people who rushes in the morning and never has time to do any of these things! I want to start doing like stretching and that in the morning! So fingers crossed it is something that will give me a nice little mood boost!

  44. Hi Nyxie,

    I really enjoyed reading your post and it seems like we have a lot of things in common. I’m a night person also and a lot of people can’t relate. I loved the suggestion of the Gratitude journal because we all need a reminder sometimes! I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. Great connecting with you!

    Melissa ☺️

  45. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading. I used to be so bad at taking breakfast on workdays as well, but have since had to change that.

  46. I’m guilty of not having breakfast on workdays as I just don’t have the time, and it makes me so grouchy! Definitely need to try and improve that. Interesting read.

  47. I could always be a night owl if it wasn’t for our son. I sleep in as long as I possibly can before heading to work, unless he’s already gotten us up, ha! But, I’d say out of all of those you listed, breakfast is the biggest thing that helps start my morning. Either cooking it or grabbing a breakfast bar and heading to work. Just helps jumpstart my day.

  48. My fur baby is often the one waking me with a cold paw to the nose. But after she’s fed and watered, she usually climbs up beside me while I have my coffee and breakfast and snuggles. It’s the best thing in the world to have a little creature to cuddle. I am waking up in my home town tomorrow without her (partner has her), and I don’t know what I’m going to do.

    – Nyxie

  49. My morning routine is awful. There’s no relaxing time to get ready for the day, It’s just go, go, go. I need to take more time for me. Thanks for posting this!

  50. Some brilliant advice in this, I remember when I studied CBT they talked about the importance of starting your morning off right and there were a few similar tips to yours.

    First thing I do before I do anything else is pull my fur baby up for a snuggle and morning kiss on his head. It’s been my tradition since I got him at two weeks old and he looks for it now, too. I never feel right if he’s not with me in the morning and he is the best medicine I could ever have xo

  51. The simple act of breathing is so powerful, it’s a basic human instinct and yet we have gone so long just forgetting that it exists. It’s our natural built-in healer!

  52. I still need ways to jump up, believe me. But I do use the vast majority of these still, it was easy before I went on vacation and now it seems almost impossible, but it’s just a matter of getting back into a routine.

    Thank you for stopping by πŸ™‚

  53. It’s hard to incorporate these into your routine if you’re not used to it. If you are going to have a go at some of these, introduce them slowly.

    Thank you for reading and commenting πŸ™‚

  54. I really and truly appreciate this list. As a night owl myself, I need ways to jump up and seize the day. This little list is truly helpful

  55. I love this! I’m nit a morning person at all, I absolutely hate getting up early in the mornings and can be quite miserable. I try to do as much as possible in the evening, so I only have to do the minimum when I wake up haha. I can’t start my morning without having coffee first thing. Although I have found that drinking a glass of ice cold water immediately wakes me up and energises me. Great post! Xx

  56. I LOVE this post. I’m adding every single tip to my morning routine. Thank you for sharing.

    I did the breathing thing for a few minutes just now… completely worked.

  57. I love stretching! I used to do yoga or stretch every morning before work and I’ve let that slide. I need to get back in the habit!

  58. I love a good stretch in the morning – It really makes a difference. I need to try this Calm app everyone mentions! Thank you for stopping by and commenting. x

  59. I loved this post! It reaffirmed everything I’m doing and why I love doing them. I actually do each of these things and find them really helpful. I have the calm app which is great and try to be more mindful. Stretching really helps too!

  60. Take it one thing at a time – changing routine can be daunting and trying to do everything all at once can mean it ends in failure. But stick at it!

  61. These are lovely ideas. I skipped breakfast for years but have slowly started to reintroduce it, I don’t eat breakfast everyday (yet), but that is my goal. Stretching and have a glass of water first thing in the morning are two things I love doing. It just makes me feel more awake than if I don’t do it or reach for something caffeinated instead! Great post. x

  62. I love these ideas! I have been trying to create a morning routine and recently added a gratitude journal to my routine. I need to add water and stretching next!

  63. I hate getting out of bed but that’s mostly my own fault for staying up too late!
    Thank you for stopping by and commenting love πŸ™‚

  64. This is an amazing list of good techniques to add to my morning routine. I’m always hestistant in getting out of bed, so it’s time for me to make a change in my rouitne. I tried the drinking water before bed thing and it just didn’t work out for me. I’m going to give it a try again. Thanks for the tips!

  65. These are some excellent tips! I realize I’ve been neglecting to stretch and I don’t know why because I always feel better when I do it! Thanks for writing this!

  66. Great article Nyxie! Mornings have been quite hard for me lately.. I usually get 5 hrs or less sleep every night and it’s a race to get prepared before it’s time to head out the door. You have inspired me to do more to look after my health before I start my day.

  67. Loved this! I was never a morning person, but I recently started to work out right after I wake up and it has really increased my mood! Ironically, waking up earlier has also helped because it gives me more time and I feel a lot less stressed! Thank you for sharing this, I will definitely try out some of these tips! xx

  68. Thank you for reading! I used to just live on coffee but have since taken to eating breakfast along with it. I find it makes me feel 100 times better (even if I do feel guilty about it).

  69. Thank you for reading and commenting. Affirmations are honestly so helpful – I don’t know where I would be without them.

  70. I love the idea of starting the day off with affirmations, I’m definitely going to try that! Thank you for sharing. ????

  71. Breakfast is so hard for me! I’ll usually have my cup of coffee or tea and head out and then wonder why I’m super grumpy and annoyed at everything around me! Definitely have to work on thi, rest suggestions!

  72. The stretching helps me so much, it helps iron out my muscles after being sleeping all night, or after being in weird positions (usually when I sleep on the couch).

  73. I try to do yoga every morning to shake off sleep and start my day. Recently my mornings have been less than ideal due to a sudden onset of joint pain and my depression and exhaustion raising its head, but I’m hoping to get back on track πŸ™‚

  74. These are brilliant ideas, thank you for sharing, Nyxie! I have recently started doing yoga again each morning and really feel the positive benefits. Yoga With Adriene is my favourite, she is such a great teacher and always puts me in a good mood for the day ahead. I need to get better at drinking more water though, thank you for the reminder! <3 xxx

    Bexa |

  75. I really need to try the stretching! My joints are just like yours that ache so we’re doomed! Haha! I’ve started drinking warm lemon in the morning and I find that really helps too!

  76. I can’t wait for the mornings where it’s possible to open the windows and doors without rain getting in, or the wind taking over. This morning we had terrible wind and it just made me cuddle back into my blankets.

  77. When I first get up I need to get my morning workout in, or I’m a BEAR to deal with the rest of the day lol After that, however, I like to settle in with my coffee for a short period of ‘me time’. In the colder weather, it’s in front of the fireplace in our living room. In the warmer weather, I head outside and enjoy some fresh air and the rising sun.

  78. I enjoyed this read. U made really great points about the breathing and breakfast. They are morning game changers

  79. I love a good stretch in the morning! I’m the complete opposite and a big morning person (you can rarely find me still awake after 10pm). I really should drink more water though. I’ve got a book of affirmations too which is such a positive way to start the day πŸ™‚

  80. I am so bad in the mornings, really am not a morning person (unfortunately) so anything that can give me a boost is wonderful. I use to count on coffee to do that, but I am trying to live free of dependency on things so I gave up my morning coffee for hot water with lemon, and it really does give me a burst of energy. I love the idea of affirmations, it is such a positive way to start the day.

  81. Thank you for sharing this with me. I adore stretching and can’t believe I didn’t take time to enjoy it. I have a post coming out soon about the benefits of stretching on the human body and mind.

  82. The night seems to be my safe space. At the moment I am struggling with that, but the truth is that at night nothing can go wrong. while during the day it seems to be all that is happening.
    Thank you for reading and commenting.

  83. I have the same issue with getting up early – the night is my ‘safe time’ when I have got through the day, and sometimes I’m just not ready to go to bed because it means bringing on the challenges of the new day! Saying that, I still want to be a morning person! I love stretching too, and I’m a big fan of breakfast – sometimes I even go to bed looking forward to my breakfast!

  84. Stretching is my favourite thing to do in the mornings breakfast definitely is at the top. I’m trying to eat more for breakfast because a small bowl of cereal doesn’t cut it. I’ve tried to move onto mueslis, berries and yoghurt. It’s actually keeping me full for longer and is a lot more satisfying than cornflakes!!

  85. I never thought I would love yoga as much as I do – I just need to learn that it doesn’t need to be done every day, or at least allow my body to rest when it tells me to.

  86. I think I’ve tried the calm app at some point – I’ve tried and failed to keep that many that I’m really not sure. But I’ll look up again and try it out.
    Thank you for the suggestion.
    Also, thank you for stopping by and reading.

  87. Thank you for following me πŸ™‚ I’m so glad that you were able to enjoy my content.
    I hope you also have a great weekend.

  88. I personally love breathing exercises πŸ™‚ I highly recommended alternative nostril breathing or the one linked above πŸ™‚

  89. I definitely do my best to do all of these in the mornings, but not the breathing method – I think I’ll give this a go!

  90. I just read your blog for the first time and I really liked it so I am now following you. I like all of your suggestions and do some of those things myself. Good info. Have a great weekend.

  91. This is a lovely post! I am so bad at being consistent with morning routines, and this post has inspired me a little bit more to just keep at it (re: breathing, I’d also totally recommend the Calm app if you don’t already use it) x

  92. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! I wish I was a morning person – I am so much of a night owl it’s actually unreal!

  93. This post was a great read! I really enjoyed going through this, I was also a breakfast skipper for a time but it is funny because now I do notice the difference between the days it’s missed.
    Love your blog, this post was very insightful.

  94. I love breakfast! I know so many people that don’t have it, which confuses me. I think I may be biased because I love to eat haha. Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  95. What a fantastic post! I’m currently on a healthy eating/exercise regime which asks me to write down 3 things I’m grateful for each evening before bed. It helps you to remember them when life gets a bit stressful!
    I’ll defini be looking into the other tips, so thank you! Xx

  96. I can’t cope without breakfast at this point in my life! I don’t know how I ever did. Coffee is still my No.1 though πŸ˜€

  97. These are wonderful tips! I’ve always been quite a morning person however similar to you its not until over the past 5 years I’ve really gotten into eating breakfast.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  98. I love my water first thing in the morning! It actually helps me get up out of bed.

    Thank you for reading sweetheart, it really means alot πŸ˜€

  99. I read this first this morning (my phone wasn’t letting me comment then) and I immediately reached for my water when I read number 2!

    I’m a slow riser in the morning, I’m also not a morning person although I find that leaving the curtain open helps (I live fairly rural so no streetlights) because then the sunlight naturally helps to wake me up.

    I’m also a definite breakfast convert! I like to take my time over breakfast and read something while I eat and I have the same breakfast every single day because my brain and tummy just can’t cope with variety in the morning πŸ™‚

  100. This hits home, as the Not A Morning Person that I am. I know that mornings are where the magic are, in terms to productivity and living a full and balanced life. I also avoid breakfast like the plague, but I’m working to shift that dynamic. Thanks for sharing these great tips!

  101. I have a post coming out in a few weeks all about the benefits of stretching! Honestly, it does so much more for us than you know πŸ˜€ Thank you for reading.

  102. Nice article. I always drink water early morning but sometimes skip breakfast .Thanks for all points and I will try to follow them.

  103. These are all such good ideas that I’m sure will help me so much. Especially the stretching, because I didn’t even think of that.

    Vicki |

  104. Thank you for reading and commenting πŸ˜€ I love the mornings too but I’ve been struggling to get up recently – I’ll have to get back on track πŸ™‚

  105. I will have to incorporate both of those tips into my routine! Thank you, and thank you for popping round and commenting πŸ˜€

  106. I’m the same. I love the night time and its stillness, but I’ve learned that the morning can be just as still when I have a day off.
    Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

  107. This is a great post! I hadn’t thought on focusing my breathing in the morning. At times it feels that I only take a deep breath when something is going wrong.
    Thanks for sharing these tips!
    Loren |

  108. Really nice post! Great ideas! I love the gratitude journal. Also I’m night person as well. There is something about the world going dark and quiet that relaxes me and also taps into my creativity. Thanks for sharing!

    Mind and Love

  109. Love this list! I think the most important one for me is taking 5 minutes to relax, as without doing that I often become overwhelmed very quickly. I’ve also found not looking at social media for an hour after I wake up has also had a really positive effect on my mood!

  110. Loved reading this. I personally love the mornings because I get to do all the little things which have become a part of my routine over the years. My favorite thing to do in the morning is definitely getting ready. Getting dressed and putting on jewelry and makeup instantly puts me in a good mood and makes me ready for the day. πŸ™‚

  111. Thanks for your post. I’m going to try the breathing technique and also I love the bullet journal idea! It’s too easy to talk negatively to yourself internally isn’t it ✨

  112. I’ve been meaning to give this stretching thing a try. I am very stiff lately and have a knee that clicks. I’m not a morning person but I need to be. Will try to implement more of your suggestions to boost my mood in the mornings.

    First thing I do when I wake up is get out of bed and open the curtains and windows to let some fresh air in.

  113. Coffee is a must before I do anything else! When the days start getting better & when my garden begins to look half way decent I’ll be throwing open the windows and the doors and letting the breeze in πŸ™‚

  114. I’m a night owl too – both me and my partner are. But I am trying to be more of a morning person because I find getting up late makes me feel crap. Plus we have a cat that needs fed at 6am every morning so that helps get us up.
    I hope these tips help you πŸ˜€

  115. I love stretching! I have a post coming out in a few weeks wherein I talk about the benefits of stretching in further detail πŸ˜€ x

  116. I used to hate breakfast and now I wonder how I coped with out it! If I don’t eat near enough to first thing in the morning I’m pretty useless in terms of focus and mood.

  117. I love all of these! I am going to add a couple I to my morning routine:)

  118. Breakfast sure makes a lot of difference.. But I find myself falling behind most of the time.. But will certainly work on it

  119. I absolutely hate mornings. Both me and my hubby are night owls, it’s when we do our best thinking. So we are often up until 2-3am. But then we often won’t get up til mid day. As soon as I awake, my anxiety switches on and it’s heavy. So half the day has gone too which makes it worse. Then I feel I’m trying to get stuff done.
    I do need to stretch more. And breathe….and you’ve got down a lot of good suggestions here. It is good to practice gratitude too. I am thankful for many things.
    Thank you Chloe…

  120. Coffee first for me! Then out to the garden to see that my zucchini grew another inch. Along with colorful flowers and joy-producers including song birds, hummingbirds and assorted flying and crawling visitors – I breathe and feel thankful.

  121. This sounds like a wonderful morning practice! Our weather isn’t exactly good enough for me to throw open my patio doors, but once it gets there (and if I have the day off) I’ll be doing the same. I might even take my yoga practice out there πŸ™‚

  122. After waking up, stretching and making some coffee… I throw open the French doors and walk into the garden and just listen to the sounds. Sometimes we have a few birds, butterflies, bees or even the neighbours cat. It’s a nice way to start the day, even in the rain.

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