Meet my October Spooks!

It’s officially October and with it comes my October Spooks! While none of these bloggers are particularly spooky, I couldn’t help but refer to them as my little ghosties for the month. And yes, for the first time ever we have not five, not six but seven writers for you to behold.

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It’s officially October and with it comes my October Spooks! While none of these bloggers are particularly spooky, I couldn’t help but refer to them as my little ghosties for the month. And yes, for the first time ever we have not five, not six but seven writers for you to behold. I’m also not opposed to continuing this trend for the rest of the year while I trial some upcoming advertising ideas for 2022.

On that note, can you believe we’re nearly onto a new year? Already? Where does the time go!?

was a big month for me. Not only was it my twenty-ninth birthday, but my husband also began working alongside me in the local convenience store. After leaving his gruelling job in the city, he’s taken up painting and I can’t wait to share them with you in a blog post and over on my Instagram. How was your September? Did anything fascinating happen or has it just been the same month, the same routine?

Meet my October Spooks!

Jenny In Neverland

I’ve known this particular spook since the beginning of my blogging journey. She’s not only been a fantastic inspiration to me, but I know for a fact that she has inspired many others too. If you’re looking to see where blogging can take you, look no further than Jenny in Neverland.

Jenny has a variety of content on her blog from dating ideas to home office renovation. You’ll even find posts relating to feminine health, something we should all take more seriously. Yes, Jenny in Neverland is certainly the blog to read if you’re in need of life advice, inspiration or just some feel-good reads.

Here are some of Jenny’s personal top picks.

And be sure to follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The Grumpy Olive

The Grumpy Olive is a wonderful blog discussing all things from lifestyle to vacations to the latest book reviews. It was started by Simona, and she was later joined by her sisters, Fred and Christina. It’s not often you come across a blog held together by three dedicated siblings. It’s been so enjoyable reading their content over the years and I can’t express how much I love to see three family members working together so closely.

The team over at The Grumpy Olive are dedicated to bringing us wonderful content, some of which are linked below.

Living Deliberately

Andrea Hunt has been a vital part of my husband’s ongoing recovery from burnout. When I first met Andrea, he was going through the motions of a tiring, time-consuming and mentally draining workplace. I was feeling the impacts at home and often feared him coming home because it pained me to see him like that. Andrea not only offered a listening ear but took me through EFT and the benefits that come with it. EFT became a frequent in our lives and Andrea’s advice continues to be of benefit to us.

If you’re interested in EFT or life coaching services in the comfort of your own home, look no further than Andrea! She’s a certified transformational life coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation. Andrea is also qualified in Level 2 EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) and a member of AEFTP (Association of Emotional Freedom Technique Professionals). She’s currently working towards her EFT Masters Level 3 Certification.

Here are a few of Andrea’s top picks from her blog.

** It’s important to note that Andrea does not treat trauma and serious psychological issues. Her focus is on helping people manage their stress and anxiety, limiting beliefs, and re-framing and clearing negative emotions on specific information. Please be mindful of this when going into your session.

UK Beauty Room

My fourth October Spook is The UK Beauty Room, the creation of Olivia. This easily navigated and well-documented site contains all you need to know about looking after your skin and hair. We all go the extra mile to keep our bodies feeling healthy and happy. So why not apply that to your skin and hair too? Olivia is a big believer in Indian and Ayurvedic practices in regards to skin and hair care. That means she avoids the use of dangerous and hard waring chemicals. Instead, she suggests natural ingredients and herbs!

“I’ve created an entire hair care routine using this formula and it’s completely transformed the health of my hair.”

If you’re interested in learning more (I know I am), then be sure to check out UK Beauty Room. You can even download her eBook all about Ayurvedic hair care which will not only help you but transform your hair health.

Here are some of Olivia’s top picks from her blog.

The Plain Simple Life

The Plain Simple Life is a blog created and run by Vourneen. She’s a self-confessed minimalist, professional declutterer and organiser. What’s that all mean you ask? Well, Vourneen helps her readers to regain control over their own homes and, ultimately, their lives. She helps switch your mindset into a more positive one, allowing you to make room for decluttering and living a more simple, organised life. Personally speaking, Vaurneen’s blogs have helped me to let go of some of the clutter within my own home, and have even spurred me to make use of old, disused materials found around my house.

Give simple living a chance and check out some of Vaureen’s very own blog post recommendations!

Happy Is

Rebecca from Happy Is uses her blog to promote simplicity and encourages people to transform their lives for the better. She uses her experiences to teach others how they can take control of their lives and experience true, undiluted freedom. Burnt out and sick of the daily grind? Then look no further than Happy Is!

Here are some of their top blog picks for you to check out.

Sam Layton

Sam writes about her personal experiences with mental illness. She’s only started on her blogging journey, but has already covered some important topics, and has many more to come. Sam will be one of my regular advertisers over the next few months and I can’t wait to see how she grows!

Here are some of Sam’s top picks!

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  1. These are interesting collection of blogs that i’m sure worth visiting. I like how diverse this list is and each seems to highlight different niche. Thank you so much for sharing. Gonna check them out

  2. Awesome bloggers, I know a couple of these people and as always love to learn about new people.

  3. Great list of fellow bloggers here! And this is a great way to boost blog`s DA and get new readers

  4. I love this post! It’s so fun to highlight other blogs and learn about other women’s stories.

  5. That is awesome that you are highlighting other people’s blog with this roundup post. Fun way to present it by calling them your October Spooks.

  6. Jenny and Vourneen are some of my favourites around, and I had never heard of the other bloggers so I am going to check them all out! Thank you for including us, Nyxie, is a pleasure to be here and be surrounded by other great blogs!

  7. Love to be in such great company and thank you so much for your kind words Nyxie! It’s always a pleasure to be advertising with you! Hope you have an amazing month ahead x

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