Social Distancing Date Ideas.

[AD] This post contains sponsored content alongside Subs & Please see the disclaimer for more details. COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. Even…

[AD] This post contains sponsored content alongside Subs & Please see the disclaimer for more details.

COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. Even a year on we’re still suffering the repercussions, especially here in the UK. The small things we enjoyed like meeting our friends for lunch or heading out for a pint on a Friday evening have all become a distant memory. While lock-down may have eased in many places, some people still prefer to play it safe and stick to minimal social contact. But despite the world coming to a standstill, relationships carry on and we begin to crave those date nights we took for granted.

Whether you’re already in a relationship or looking for love, or even exploring your sexual kinks, there’s no need to settle for ‘just talking.’ There are many ways we can recreate the perfect date night, experiment and even meet our soul mate all from the comfort of our own living room.

The importance of dating and why we need date nights in a relationship.

It may not seem ‘essential‘ to date your spouse after years of being together. In fact, it’s commonly thought that after you get married, live together, and have children that date night is no longer a priority. However, there’s evidence that suggests that dating while in a long-term relationship is just as important as those early weeks.

Frequent date nights allow you to focus on each other, and gives you the time to talk or just be together without the presence of others. It’s far too easy to fall into a rut in a long term partnership, and this can often leave us wondering ‘how did we get to this‘? The routine and monotony of every day life is a known relationship killer, therefore it’s important to keep things interesting. I’m not talking extravagant gifts or weekends to Paris. Date night can be as simple as switching off your phones and watching a movie, or cooking each other a meal.

Dating has also been proven to increase the resilience of a long term relationship. Every partnership has it’s challenging and so with frequent connection, the troubling times won’t seem all that troubling. No matter what stage of a relationship you’re at, it’s important that you keep the romance and intimacy alive both physically and emotionally.

Image from Josh Willink, Pexels.

It’s also important to talk about the sexual aspect of a relationship too. While the emotional connection is paramount, the sexual connection is just as important. Why not use lockdown as a way to rediscover each other? Maybe you’re on the lookout for love with a little more flare? Now is the perfect time to check out a bdsm meet with Subs and

Top six date ideas in the time of COVID-19.

Visit your local outdoor cinema.

With the closure of cinemas nationwide, it’s anyone’s guess when they’ll finally be permitted to open again. In fact there have already been local rumours of many remaining closed for good due to a lack of funding. But when one door closes another opens, and there have been many outdoor cinemas popping up all over Northern Ireland (and the world). How awesome is that? There have even been ‘sing-a-longs’ organised for movies like Grease and Mama Mia all from the safety of your own vehicle.

If you’re an established couple now’s your chance to cosy up in your car with the seats down, some home-brewed tea or coffee (or alcohol if you’re not driving), and snacks all in the comfort of your own environment. But don’t be discouraged if you’re socially distancing from your other half. You can both watch the movie in separate vehicles with the windows down, that way you can enjoy it together while you’re apart. Both are excellent ways of making the best of a less than ideal situation.

Get a takeaway.

If you’re anything like my partner and me, you’ve been doing a lot more home cooking since lock-down started. We’ve barely stepped outside the front door to go anywhere other than work, for a walk, or for the essential shop. Although cooking together is wonderful, it can get tedious and mundane. So why not take a break and order in from your local takeaway? Not only are you enjoying food prepared by someone else (which always tastes better) but you’re helping out a local takeaway or restaurant that is no doubt struggling in the current economic climate. It’s a win/win all round!

Go for a picnic.

Provided you have the weather for it a picnic can be an excellent way to not only get back to nature, but also to spend time with each other away from technology. My partner and I took several trips to one of our favourite local spots with a bag of goodies, a blanket and our youngest cat. Although the weather has taken a drastic turn here, we’ve still been eating outside in our yard when ever possible.

If you’re living together or your partner is within your social bubble, why not pack the essentials (a blanket, snacks, drinks, and possibly a coffee) and head to your local forest, mountain, or even just walking trail for some fresh air? You could even stage a photoshoot and make a real day of it!

Get kinky!

You’ve likely heard of the term BDSM before, right? It stands for a whole host of things including bondage, dominance, submission, and masochism. Considering sex is still a very taboo subject, you can only imagine how quiet the nation has kept this one. At least in the UK.

While it’s not for everyone, the majority of us are probably rather curious. Some of us might even want to get into BDSM but we’re unsure where to start. If that’s you, check out this wonderful article from Bustle all about some low-key kinks to get you started.

With no prospect of open nightclubs or dinner dates anytime soon, why not use your evenings wisely? Whether you live with your partner, are looking for love, or even if you’re dating virtually, you can incorporate BDSM. Better yet, give BDSM dating a try and learn from someone with a little experience.

Set up your very own at-home spa night.

Much like cinemas the majority if not all spas have been closed since the beginning of the pandemic, and for good reason. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. It might not be exactly the same but there are many ways to set up an at-home spa experience.

All you need are some hot towels, relaxing lighting, sensual music and if you’re feeling fancy, a glass of cucumber water. Run a bath and allow the steam to fill the room creating an at-home sauna. And the best thing? You can use your own scrubs and moisturiser so you already know that you’ll love it. You can even take it one step further and finish off the evening with a relaxing foot bath complete with bath salts and scented lotion. Oh and don’t forget the facemasks!

Interested in creating your own Turkish Bath experience? Check out this post for more details.

Multiplayer games!

I’ve arguable saved the best for last. Whether you’re living apart or together you can always organise a date night entirely composed of multiplayer video games. There are so many titles to choose from including Animal Crossing, Minecraft, virtual Dungeons and Dragons, and Mario Cart to name a few. A virtual game night is a perfect date for a nerdy couple and some of my favourite dates have been shared at home, on the couch with Super Smash Brothers.

Image by Pixaby, Pexels.

Bonus! Fort Friday!

I couldn’t let a date night article go by without mentioning Fort Friday. I personally love the idea of building a fort in my living room using bedsheets and blankets. Not only is it an unusual date but it’s a bit of a throwback to simpler times when my grandmother would make us forts in her kitchen. Plus it’s fairly simple to achieve. All you need are blankets, bedsheets, and various means to stabalise them into a ‘tent’ position. Add some cushions and maybe even a blow-up mattress and you have yourself a cosy place from which you can comfortably watch movies or play games. Feeling fancy? Add some fairy lights for that extra romantic touch.

Have you any other ideas for socially distance dating? Whether you’re in a long term relationship or you’ve only started dating, I’d love to hear your experience in the comments below.


  1. Are you so hungry for DIX 2 SUK that you risk your health and risk spreading COVID to everyone else? Being anorexic, I have questions Jennifer Van Haitsma wanted asked Were you so afraid of gaining weight that you wouldn’t even swallow after giving a BJ or so much of a WHORE that you couldn’t give that up?

  2. This is a great selection of ideas and suggestions. I am in a long distance relationship; so this last lockdown has been really difficult. Thank you for sharing your ideas. Lauren

  3. We have done a lot of takeouts since the pandemic started. And what we consider dates now are our trips to the grocery store every week. LOL.

  4. Some fantastic ideas here my love! I can’t wait to go out for meals and things again but it’s important to try and spend more time with each other in a safe way whilst COVID is still about in full force!

  5. I agree, definitely,date nights are so important to keep the fire burning. Even the simplest movie would work.

  6. Date night is definitely important, even for those of us who’ve been married almost 2 decades! Plus, it’s nice to eat dinner without the kids!

  7. I like these ideas. I’m married but my husband is deployed, so we’ve been doing a lot of Facetime dates.

  8. It’s be so much harder to date these days. Even pre current time it wasn’t easy. These are all really good tips, I think some of my friends will appreciate them.

  9. These are all great date night ideas, I personally think picnicking sounds the best! I can’t wait till it gets warmer!

  10. You definitely did save the best for last!
    Although, to be honest, it also sounds like a great way to spend a night by yourself too, hehe.

    I actually started the year playing games online with some friends and it was the best new year ever!

  11. This is so sweet, yet tantalizing (like food). Great ideas for date night in this strange environment called covid, or any other era.

  12. Great Date Night ideas. My husband and I do date nights at home now — we do movie nights and either order food for delivery or cook.

  13. yes distance from other people is very iimportant, I didn’t mean to give it any less value

  14. Great suggestions! I loved the ideas of making each other a meal, and game night together! Also liked the pizza your partner made for you- I mean the look of it Sad, that it didn’t turn out that great!

  15. Yes! I agree with everything you said here. Adapting to everything that is happening now is so essential to maintaining our relationships

  16. We live together too but we’ve been going outside to ‘date’ while maintaining our distance from friends. Thank you so much for reading.

  17. I have to admit I’m liking this whole social distancing thing but many others I know aren’t. I love having little date nights at home!
    Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Much appreciated.

  18. These are great ideas to share with my couple-friends! For now, I am only dating myself.

  19. These are awesome ideas for couples! I like the cooking separately idea and having an outside picnic is pretty rad. My sister and her boo also went to a drive through movie at the park which was cool! -Josie xxx

  20. Yes these are some great ideas that in a period we are living now are so useful. I should try one of them if it happens. Thanks. – Paolo

  21. Ooooooh, these are great ideas here! Cooking each other from scratch is definitely my fav ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Looks like great ideas! I don’t need to esp distance during dates because me and my partner live together, but I like these ideas a lot. also half of it might be a great idea to meet up with friends

  23. I love that outdoor cinemas, that closed decades back because indoor cinemas we taking all their customers, are making a comeback. They were always such a fun night out!

  24. Great ideas here for a socially distanced date night. We have movie night, game night and I’m interested to add a spa night!

  25. Do agree with you lockdown has really affected on the meetings or get-together with friends and family too..Well in this time this blog post is truly very beneficial and helpful for every of that persons who are having long distance relationships…and even though these ideas are also helpful and seems useful for friends and family too…Loved these all ideas especially of cooking together..Thanks for sharing this…

  26. I love these suggestions lovely, great ideas for social distancing dates! x

  27. Great suggestions. It is so important to keeps the flame alive in a relationship. I love the idea of cooking together.

  28. Ok, these are certainly some good tips to keep in mind. Thanks for the awesome ideas!

  29. I always really enjoy your blog posts! These are excellent ideas! Thank you for sharing!

  30. These are some really fun ideas. I could even uses some of them so my son can hang with his buddies from a distance.

  31. These are all awesome ideas!! Definitely big fan of playing video games and cooking each other meals

  32. these are the cutest ideas ever!!! Nothing should stop a couple going on a nice memorable date…Great ideas…

  33. I love the idea of cooking a meal together! It’s fun, you get to work together and not have lots of awkward silence, and you get to enjoy delicious food afterwards! Thanks for sharing

  34. Love these ideas x the lockdown has limited me and my boyfriend’s in-person dates since but we got the chance to actually meet last time. We just ordered a food delivered to home ๐Ÿ™‚ Simple things like this make me happy โ™กโ™กโ™ก

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