Super September Advertisers.

It’s officially September which means I have new September advertisers to introduce

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It’s officially September which means I have new September advertisers to introduce! This month we have both old and new faces joining the flock And with advertising currently only four pound, why wouldn’t they!? But, wait, there’s more! Allow me to be self indulgent for a moment, but September marks the beginning of my birthday month. While I usually don’t make a big deal out of my birthday, this year I’m turning the big THIRTY! So you can bet I have a whole month to milk this specific milestone.

I’ve planned an entire blog post about what I’ve learned over the course of these last thirty years for release in due course. But, for now, without further ado, allow me to introduce to you my September advertisers.

Image from Alisa Anton

Allow me to introduce my Super September Advertisers.

Colorado Kelly

Run by Kelly, Colorado Kelly is home to a variety of thought-provoking and informative articles. Whether you want to discover a new recipe, try some DIY, or practice self-care, Kelly has you covered! This blog is particularly focused on the busy women of the twenty first century, and doesn’t beat around the bush! I particularly enjoyed Kelly’s articles on home remedies for anxiety, hair treatment, and boosting the immune system!

Here are some of Kelly’s top tips!

  1. Food Product Labels.
  2. Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad.
  3. Developing Good Habits.

Sunshine Sarah

Sunshine Sarah is just what it says on the tin; a ball of sunshine! I’ve been reading through her blogs and just love the diversity. You’ll find posts about mental health, veganism, environmental concerns, film recommendations, and much more. In her own words, Sarah creates content to make others (and herself) feel better about things. She’s also an avid collector of tattoos which we’re all for here at Nyxie’s Nook!

Check out some of Sarah’s favourite posts!

You can find Sarah on all the usual places such as FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

  1. Tops Tips For Vegan-Friendly Baking.
  2. 5 Tips To Keep Warm at Home This Winter.
  3. 6 Ways to Stay Sustainable This Summer.

Claire Mac

Claire Mac is run by, you guessed it, Claire! A wonderful blog filled with mamahood, self-love, fashion, skincare and so much more! Whether you’re a parent or not, Claire’s blog is a safe space for you. She talks about all of the above plus much-needed aspects of self-care, self-love, and encouragement that everyone, not just mamas, needs to hear.

While Claire is a mum to two wee ones, she doesn’t want that to purely define her. She is so much more than just a mother with a passion for writing, fashion, encouragement and so much more. Mums can be themselves as well as being a mother, and Claire wants to show that!

You can find Claire on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Here are some of Claire’s top picks from her blog!

  1. How to survive the six week, kids summer holidays.
  2. Is blogging dead? Should we conform to video content?
  3. Understanding your child’s learning style.

Happy Is

Happy Is is back again and we’re more than HAPPY about it! Rebecca from Happy Is uses her blog to promote simplicity and encourages people to transform their lives for the better. She uses her experiences to teach others how they can take control of their lives and experience true, undiluted freedom. Burnt out and sick of the daily grind? Then look no further than Happy Is!

You can find Rebecca on all the usual places such as FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Here are some of their top blog picks for you to check out.

  1. 5 Free hot springs in Iceland.
  2. Is the Marks and Spencers Sparks card worth it?
  3. Greenjinn App!

Bournemouth Girl

Bournemouth Girl is a wonderful blog run by UK based blogger, Lauren. She’s a lover of stationary, wellness, and organisation. Her blogs have taught me so much about routine and keeping myself (and my surroundings) together! I’ve even written a few articles for Bournemouth girl, and vice versa! Want to work with a blogger (other than me) on a more personal level? Lauren is your girl!

You can find Lauren on all the usual places such as FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Here are some of their top blog picks for you to check out.

Simply Saph

Simply Saph is a blog dedicated to being one hundred present candid on every aspect of life. From personal posts about her latest vacation, to her life saving hysterectomy, Saph’s blog is a wholesome, down to earth read. Saph herself is mum to a little a dude and works as a support worker for autistic adults! Needless to say, she’s a busy bee!

To top it all off, Saph is also the admin for Blogger nation over on Twitter!

Here are some of their top blog picks for you to check out.

Why not go and give my September advertisers some love?

As some of you might know I recently left my full-time position and am back blogging part time. While my advertising for the rest of the year will remain at only four pound, I’ve decided to make some changes for 2023. No announcement has been made yet, though, so please keep an eye on my Twitter!

I am still happily hosting and writing guest posts. As always, these will be free of charge, placing neither party under any pressure.

Interested in advertising for just four pound? Email me at or DM me on Twitter to discuss.

*If you wish to be left out of any of the advertising features, all you have to do is ask. I understand that not all advertising is for everyone, and this package can be modified to suit you and your readers.


  1. Super happy to be advertising with you again. You are always so kind and I love that we have been able to collaborate so often together. Thank you for having me and including me in this list of bloggers. Have a fabulous September.

    Lauren x

  2. This is a great group of advertisers including some of my favorites! I’m not familiar with Colorado Kelly or Simply Saph, so I’ll definitely have to check out their blogs!

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