The benefits of displaying artwork in your home.

Even if you’re renting, there are numerous ways that artwork can add dimension and colour to your home.

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Home is where the heart is. Or so they say. But how can we make our homes an enjoyable and comforting space to spend time in? I’ve lived in my fair share of dingy, rented houses. From a lack of natural light to dreary floor coverings, I guarantee you I’ve seen it all. But what sticks with me the most is the horrible feeling of not wanting to go home. My house simply felt like just that, a house. Not a home

Anxiety and depression are among some of the most common mental health complaints of the 21st century. However, our space has a massive impact on our mood, behaviour, motivation, and even our stress levels. The visuals, the colour of the area, lighting, fresh air, and noise all contribute to our varying levels of calm. 

Since purchasing our own semi-detached property, my husband and I have worked tirelessly to make it the place we want to be. There’s nowhere I would rather go than straight to my couch to binge a movie, or to my office to spend time writing. Such small things for many, but still a novelty to me. And the best thing about my home? It’s decorated exactly how I want it. One of the easiest things we’ve done has been to hang artwork. Whether it’s one of my husband’s paintings or posters from Poster Store, we’ve taken advantage of owning our own property. 

Even if you’re renting, there are numerous ways to hang artwork without damaging the plaster. And better still are the subtle yet powerful impacts that artwork has on our lives. 

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4 Reasons to add artwork to your living area. 

Artwork can add much-needed colours to an otherwise drab surrounding. 

This is especially true if you’re living in a rented property. While homeowners are able to paint and wallpaper as they like, renters are usually not as fortunate. When living in rented housing my husband and I were constantly surrounded by drab and crumbling walls. We did what we could to cover the walls with well-placed artwork hung with command tape to reduce damage. While it wasn’t perfect, it took the edge off the horrible magnolia. 

Art brings warmth, personality, character, and even laughter to a home depending on the subject. Therefore it can be an excellent vocal point if you’re bound by the laws of the landlord. Even if you’re not, artwork can act to compliment feature walls. 

Art makes a house a home. 

Choosing artwork that’s lively or more fitting to your aesthetic can make your house feel more like home. Where you live is meant to be a place where you feel comfortable and content. Surrounding yourself with the art and aesthetic that you find most pleasing is the perfect way to do just that. Whether it’s whimsical animals, lively botanicals, or colourful abstracts, if it makes you feel welcome then it deserves a place on your wall. 

Art brings warmth, personality, character, and even laughter to a home depending on the subject. 

Art can remind us of what’s possible in life. 

I personally find that art reminds me of the time, effort, and skill put into creating such a masterpiece. Even if you don’t know the artist personally or any for that matter, you’re still able to appreciate the work that goes on behind the scenes so that we can enjoy art in the comfort of our own homes. 

Following the path of a creative is not an easy decision. It’s often difficult and tiring, with little reward for maximum effort. My husband is an artist, as am I, and we often work for hours on end to make little more than a days wage. But his creations more than tell a story, and I’ve personally received compliments that mean far more than money. 

Through art and writing, I’ve learned that life is far more than the figures on your paycheck. It’s the creation, imagination, and emotion all wrapped into the words that you write or the images you create. 

Having artwork displayed in the home encourages us to take risks and to follow our dreams. “If they can do it, surely I can too”

Colours and art can impact our mood. 

There are multiple studies showing the link between art, colour, and how we feel. Influence, experience, and personal preference all impact how we feel about a certain image, though. And while some people may like pastel colours, others might prefer a darker image. Others may be attracted to muted tones and find that it helps keep them calm.  

While experts recommend different colours for different emotions, I personally find that it’s a matter of taste. Yes, red does depict passion and even anger. But it can also add a dark feature wall to a room to represent warmth. Likewise, blue is usually found in a bathroom but is equally as calming in a studio or office. 

You can stick to the norm or you can branch out and find what suits you. 

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  1. I mix artwork with personal pictures in my home, which makes me really happy. There’s an artist that lives in Hawaii whose art I love, so I have a few of her paintings in my home.

  2. I mean i used to buy artwork for my house to look more authentic, but now that I have read this. One must choose their artwork properly because it has more meaning to it. Thanks for sharing this informative article.

  3. Our walls are lined with art. We let our kids draw some and have them in-between the ones that we’ve purchased.

  4. Even though all the points were great. But the point tha felt most authentic to me was art makes a house a home. Even I am feeling so related to this, I am going to leave a link of the amazing article on my blog post. Hope my readets will love it too!

  5. You’re right about art. It is relaxing and can set the mood for your space. Everyone should have a piece in their house

  6. They`re indeed great reminders about the positivity in our lives. They serve as motivatuon and inspiration. I`d love to buy more artwork from PosterStore

  7. Art really does make a house a home – I couldn’t agree more! It just makes you stand out and feel more unique and happy when you look at it!

  8. “Art makes a house a home” – could not agree more with this sentiment. We have art in every single room and corridor but without it being cluttered. It really does elevate your home!

  9. Love the prints you chose. These are some amazing reasons to have artwork in your home. Quotes and images can have such a big impact on how we’re feeling so it’s important to display stuff that makes you feel calm or inspired x

  10. I love the prints you have picked out! I have the quote one by my mirror as a nice reminder 🙂 Artwork and prints definitely have a positive effect on my mental health x

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