Top 5 Gifts for Pet Lovers.

This post is for all the pet lovers, their friends, family, and their Dads (who swore he’d never have a dog in the house but now they can’t be separated).

This post is for all the pet lovers, their friends, family, and their Dads (who swore he’d never have a dog in the house but now they can’t be separated). Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas or just to cheer them up in these uncertain times, the pet lovers in your life are bound to love any one of these gifts.

Need more ideas? Check out these awesome gifts for dog lovers! There’s something for everyone.

Top 5 Gifts for pet lovers.

1. A personalised animal illustration.

Our animals can become like our children and there are nothing parents love more than proudly displaying artwork of their kids. Some of you may not know this but I recently tapped back into my inner creative and have started offering illustrating work. While I could go on about this for a full blog post, I’m just here to highlight my portrait service! We commissioned a piece many years ago for my father’s birthday of his dog, and it’s still his pride and joy. As a nation, we love our pets. A personal illustration is a wonderful gift that will keep on giving for years to come.

Interested in a unique digital portrait? Get in touch with me via my Facebook, Instagram, or even my Twitter to discuss. You’ll receive tailored advice, free tweaks and changes, and the final product straight to your email. Furthermore, I offer advice on printing and also supply lineart for any future memorial tattoos. Recieving your portrait digitally reduces our carbon footprint by cutting down on shipping, and also means you can print as many as you want in whatever size you need.

2. Handmade treats for their furry friend.

Prior to lock-down, my intention was to make homemade treats for my fur babies. I had big plans! Frozen tuna flavored tubes with catnip in the shape of fish to keep them cool through the heat. Catnip-infused wet food mixtures. I was going to be the Gordan Ramsey of pet food. And the best part was it wasn’t just for my two girls, but my colleague’s kitties too!

Sadly with the enforcement of lock-down, it’s made it difficult to get all the ingredients I need. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t experimented with more primitive cat treats!

If you want to reach the heart of any pet lover, something homemade is always appreciated. It shows that you’re not only thinking of them but also their furry best friend. And there’s nothing pet owners love more than people acknowledging their fur babies.

If you’re looking for some easy, at home recipies to try check out the following:

3. Paw Print kit.

I’m a sentimental person who loves to commemorate her friends and family in any way that she can. A non-toxic paw print kit is personally one of the most special gifts you can get a pet owner. Imagine holding your pet’s paws, feeling the velvet of the toe pads, and then one day they’re gone. It’s sad and not something I like to think about often, but it’s the reality of life. No organic thing lasts forever.

Similar to humans the markings on a cat or dog’s footpads are unique to them. Although not in the same detail as human fingerprints, it’s hard to find two-foot pads the same. So, taking a print of their paws is, in a way, immortalizing them forever.

*Choose your paw print kit carefully. You should look for a reputable brand that clearly states that it uses non-toxic ink. Read instructions carefully and remember to wipe those toes off after use.

Image from
4. Subscription to online pet box.

You can never go wrong with a subscription box. There are many available online for both cats and dogs. They come with a variety of things including toys, treats and even merchandise for the humans!

Here are some awesome subscription boxes for pet owners!

  • Woof-box: A monthly subscription full of toys and treats for only £19.50!
  • PawPost: Available for both cats and dogs. You can choose the length of subscription you’d like and even set your pet profile for a more personalised feel.
  • Cattitude Box: Another beautiful subscription box for all the cat lovers out there. You can choose your length of subscription and even choose to send it out as a gift. Cattitude boxes come with surprises for both cats and their guardians!

There are many more options out there, so be sure to find one that suits your friend (or you) best. *Please note that the above are UK based and unless stated otherwise, may not ship to the US.

5. Personalised clothing.

Flaunt it. Work it. Own it! Get your mate the perfect gift to show the world just how much they love their fur babies. There are an unlimited number of companies out there offering this service so choose one that suits your needs.

Don’t like the idea of clothing? Why not get a throw blanket, pillow or even a duvet?

I hold a special place in my heart for all creatures, not just our generic animal companions. Those who know me will know the love that I hold for my fur babies. They’ve made my life so much more interesting, chaotic, and, frankly, messy. I’ve never done so much hovering in my life since adopting my two feline companions. As much as I hate cleaning, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


  1. These are all awesome ideas for gifts for pet lovers. It reminds me of my buddy who I recently saw, that had a t-shirt on that said “best cat dad” haha. The pet subscription box sounds cool!

  2. Absolutely love all of these ideas! My dad was one in the category of never wanting a dog again after our last one passed away and now he has a four-legged attached to him everywhere! Really love the idea of the pet portrait and the print kit x

  3. This is such a great post – I love getting gifts for the pet lovers in my life that shares their love for their pet! This is an awesome list and I love the personalized artwork.

  4. I love the pet portraits! I’m going to get one soon. We’ve just found out our poor little cat doesn’t have much longer with us so this will be a lovely way to remember her.

  5. Great ideas for gifts! Personally I would prefer the handmade treatment as a gift to offer to a friend of mine since I am good in cooking and my friends love me for that! Thank you for sharing this post!

  6. OMG the illustration of the pet is such a cute idea, I love it and I will be gifting my best friend and illustration of her dog that recently passed !

  7. The portrait and paw print would be a great present, I know I would love them oh so much Nyxie! It would be very precious when one day they are no longer with us, I feel like I could have them that little bit closer x

  8. They are amazing portraits! I’ll need to get a pic of the ones I got of the girls and pop them on Twitter! I’d highly recommend them 🙂

  9. I don’t have pets myself but I have lots of friends who do and I think this list is worth saving so that I can give them these gifts. I am sure they will be so happy.

  10. I was just joking with Ken the other day, that I want to get one of those painting of our derpy dog where they make them look like Napolean or something. I think those are hilarious!

  11. Great gift ideas, I am a pet lover and I so much love the personalised portrait

  12. We have a paw print kit on the way! I always wished I’d had one for my dog years ago so I’m getting my cats paw prints now before it’s too late.

  13. These are amazing gift ideas. Planning to give a personalized shirt to my sister on her birthday next month

  14. These pet gift ideas are amazing and lovely… i have no any pet but wanna have soon.. especially this one is much beneficial for pet lovers who have pets……Thanks for this…

  15. Aww, I love the idea of a personalized illustration of my dog; I might have to buy that for myself!
    I think I would make treats alongside cookies so we could both indulge. 🙂

  16. A paw print kit is a great idea! I’m going to look into that. Thanks!

  17. I’d love an illustration, but the pet box subscription would probably be more useful.


  18. These are some great gift ideas I miss having a pet to spoil! I really love the pet vector images at the top – what a cute idea x

  19. These are great gift ideas! While none of us want to think about the fact that we will lose our beloved pets some day, I ended up doing a paw print of each of our 4 all in a frame for my husband for Father’s Day a couple years ago. I know there will come a day that we will really treasure having that, especially as our pets are getting older.

  20. That sounds amazing! I might get one of those for my new phone later in the year. I’d love to see my cats face all the time!
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  21. I love these ideas! The prints are absolutely amazing. I might have a look at that for my Sister in law, she has a beautiful pooch and would adore it x

  22. Nyxie, these are awesome gift ideas. 😀 I featured a few of these on my blog some months back and agree that they are perfect.

    The paw print kit is especially adorable to me. What a great way to cherish our favorite furry friends! ♥

  23. These are great gift options! I always struggle to figure out what to get others and never think about animal lovers stuff l!

  24. The illustration is SO beautiful. I would love to get any of these gifts! I recently also saw that someone got a personalized PopGrip with their pet’s faces on it too. How cool is that?

  25. Oh this is perfect for our new furbaby, Billy! I love to check on the treats.

  26. These are cute gift ideas. I just remember one time I gifted a friend for a overnight stay in a pet-friendly resort. She took her puppy as a date 🙂

  27. I’m planning on getting paw prints for our cats soon. I always wished we’d done it with our family dog years ago so I don’t want to miss the opportunity with them. x

  28. I’m 100% a cat person but I also love dogs, rats, hamsters – everything I can’t have with cats lol! Especially mine!

  29. Oh I love the handmade treat idea and the pet portrait. I know a few people whose pets are their babies. I’ll keep this in mind for Christmas gifts!

  30. These are all great suggestions. I am a pet owner and I would always be happy with treats and special food for my fur baby.

  31. Love the idea of the custom illustration! I know so many pet owners who would love it!

  32. Fab ideas! I especially love the homemade treats idea! I also love the idea of a paw print kit too, I’ve seen a couple that use special paper and don’t need any ink which is quite handy so I need to look into them a bit more! Thanks for sharing 🙂 xx

  33. These are all such great ideas! I’ve gotten the online box for someone before and they loved it!

  34. I really like the ‘pet box’ subscription. If had a pet I would definitely subscribe to one of those boxes.

  35. These are such sweet gift ideas! I know so many people who love and adore their animals so I think these would be fabulous pick me ups for lockdown! The illustrations look so amazing. I think the handmade treats are also good, especially is purchased from small businesses

    Em x

  36. Oh , I love the personalized illustration! So cute. We have a cat. He is part of the family and he gets his fair share of gifts.

  37. Great ideas. I would love to get a paw print done of our dog. Got one for our son but never thought of getting one of the dogs.

  38. I love these ideas! I am a total cat person, so I love cat gifts. Or guinea pig gifts. We have them too! 😉

  39. Thank you for reading love! I have one of these portraits on the way for Ryan’s birthday of our oldest girl and a pair of socks with the youngest on them! I know he’ll get a kick out of the socks! x

  40. I’d highly recommend Hounds and Hers for pet subscription boxes – they provide boxes with treats for you and your dog, so dog toys/treats etc and beauty products etc for you. Great way to treat both of you at the same time! I’ve bought my Mum 2 portraits of our dog, such a great gift!

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