20+ Ways to boost your Summer Self-care Routine.

We all know self-care is important. We’ve established its connection to mental health and well-being. But how can we level up our self-care routine in the summer?

We all know self-care is important. We’ve established its connection to mental health and well-being. But how can we level up our self-care routine in the summer? And why is it important? It’s not as easy to look after ourselves in the summer as it is in the winter months when we’re locked indoors. There’s a distinct increase in travel arrangements, DIY projects, intense workout programmes, social events and so much more. And while all of these might be wonderful, they don’t necessarily leave room for downtime and complete relaxation.

With that in mind, here are just twenty ways you can give your summer self-care routine an extra boost.

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20 Ways to level up your self-care routine this Summer.

1. Make the most of the summer sun and relax outdoors.

Ditch the couch and switch up your winter spot for the warmth of the summer sun. As we approach longer, warmer days, why not set up your sun lounger or, failing that, a yoga mat and kick back for some much-needed ‘me-time.‘ You might even want to add the latest novel and a glass of pinot to the mix! Not only will your body soak up that much-needed vitamin D, but you’ll also have the opportunity to reduce your screen time.

But no matter how you go about relaxing outside, remember to keep on top of the sunscreen and stay hydrated (alcohol doesn’t count). If you’re chilling outside with kids or infants, here are some tips from Petit Peepers on protecting their eyes from the sun!

2. Don’t over-commit.

Boundaries are somewhat of a hot topic at the moment. It’s no secret that the majority of my readers have spent their lives people-pleasing, even if it meant putting their own needs aside. But no more! More and more people are learning about and setting boundaries at work and at home.

Boundaries serve many functions, but first and foremost they enable us to recognize and stick to our own limitations. They tell others how we want to be treated, what’s good and what’s not, therefore protecting us from harm or mistreatment. 

So, this summer. Don’t over-commit just because it’ll make your mother happy. Say no more and honour your own needs for a change!

3. Attend your local market.

Farmer’s markets run all year round, rain or shine. But many of us don’t feel like trekking from stall to stall while wrestling an umbrella or outdoor coat. In fact, there’s very little I would enjoy less. However, when the sun sets in, I instantly feel more motivated to visit our local markets to pick up seasonal produce. The summer is no doubt when the majority of us start to make healthier food choices, and if you’re on the lookout for fruit and veg, look no further than you’re local market.

Not only is it a wholesome day out, but you’re helping to support local farmers and artisans.

4. Start a garden of your own.

Why not start growing your own garden? You can try your hand at growing seasonal fruit and vegetables, or flowers. No matter what you choose, gardening can be a wonderful way to meditate, relax and enjoy time outside. It can also be a means to spend time with friends, and family and even get to know your neighbours.

Our local community centre has a gardening club where everyone is invited to come along and work on the allotments. No matter your age, they welcome you to help prepare, plant and nurture various fruits, vegetables and herbs. My friend and I attended a few of their Sunday events where we worked to prepare the beds for the planting year ahead. It was a great way to get to know my neighbours and catch up with those who had spent the winter in hibernation.

And the best thing? At the end of it all you get to pick and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

5. Go for a walk.

It may seem fairly straightforward, but a simple thing like a stroll around the block can work wonders for our mental health. I find walking is one of the easiest ways for me to clear my head, come up with new ideas and, most importantly, escape screen time.

Walking outside is also a great way to make the most of the good weather and soak up as much vitamin D as possible before the winter. You can also get your friends involved and spend time partaking in light exercise together.

6. Be happy with the imperfections of life.

Nothing and no one can be perfect all the time. That includes you, and guess what? That’s totally fine.

7. Take five minutes to yourself.

It’s extremely important now more than ever that we learn the significance of taking just five minutes to decompress with simple self-care.

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8. Start or continue journaling.

Whether it’s on a computer or in a book, I always feel better getting my feelings out. Even the happy ones! Writing is an amazing way to work through what you’re feeling and can be an excellent way to uplift your mood.

9. Drink Plenty of Water.

Be sure to drink plenty of water, and be on high alert for the signs of dehydration!

9. Don’t stress about your appearance or size.

It’s easier said than done. Specifically, if you’ve spent the majority of your life covering and even hating your body. But the reality is that there will always be something that we’re happy about physically. Whether it’s your tummy, your arms or your feet, no one’s completely happy with themselves.

Don’t let your fear of showing your body stop you from living your life.

10. Get stuck into some ‘spring cleaning’.

As I’ve talked about before, spring cleaning can work wonders for our mental health. It can be a great way to declutter both our immediate space and, metaphorically, our lives. But if the thought of deep cleaning fills you with dread, start with just one small space. It could be something as simple as the drawer of a desk or the space beneath your TV cabinet!

Spring cleaning has been found to benefit our mental health and well-being in some of the following ways.

  • It gives us a sense of control.
  • It can be calming and even energising!
  • For some, there is a feeling of accomplishment!
  • You can feel a sense of peace in a tidy living space.
  • It inadvertently increases focus.

11. Make a feel-good playlist! 

Create a personalised playlist of your favourite summer bops or the latest episodes of your current podcast! My own summertime playlist is filled with old-school metal, emo hits and some of this year’s current hits!

12. Try a new easy-going exercise, like yoga.

Yoga is more than just postures and stretches. We connect our breathing with the movement of our bodies, and the swift, gentle progression from one pose to the next is dictated by our breath. I talk about the benefits of yoga in more detail over here, but in short, yoga is a relaxing way to connect with yourself. Combine that with the benefits of sunshine by practising outside, and your mental health is bound to thank you!

Yoga can be used to combat various physical and mental health issues, but please be careful. If you suffer from a particular neck or back issue, it’s important to research what poses are best for you. While yoga can help with such conditions, incorrect form or pushing yourself too hard can result in them getting worse!

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13. Buy yourself fresh flowers.

As Miley has so rightfully said, you CAN buy yourself flowers. And you should because flowers make everything beautiful. Better yet, buy your loved ones some flowers too.

*Please be careful when buying flowers. Make sure they are safe to display in your home if you have animals. For example, did you know lilies can be poisonous to cats?

14. Limit your screen time.

Despite the pros and cons of social media, it’s possible that you can always experience too much of something. Much like detoxing our bodies, it’s also important to switch off our online presence too. Turn off the mobile or computer, and relax with a walk, or read a book.

Limiting screen time also means reducing the time we spend ‘double screening.‘ This is when we watch a movie or TV show and also spend time on our mobile or gaming devices. Make do with one form of entertainment, and it’s amazing how relaxed you’ll begin to feel. Even if you didn’t know you were overstimulated in the first place!

15. Do a needs assessment.

A needs assessment begins with you taking the time to think about yourself, your feelings and how things are going. How did last week challenge you? Is there anything you want to go better next week? Are you sleeping enough, or spending too much time scrolling on social media? By reflecting on all of the seemingly small things in our lives, we’re better able to determine what we’re doing wrong. Or what we’re doing right!

16. Remind yourself that you’re only one person.

You can’t do everything yourself, so stop acting as you can! Say no or delicate!

17. Do an ‘at home’ spa day!

You don’t have to pay big bucks to experience your own relaxing spa. Use what you have at home! While it may not be The Ritz, a long, hot bubble bath with a glass of wine and a face mask can work wonders. And, better still, it’s affordable.

18. Reconnect with loved ones.

As adults, it’s very easy to fall out of touch with friends and family. Life is so busy, people are running from A to B, and we simply don’t have the time or social battery. But the summer is the perfect time to arrange outdoor walks or backyard BBQs for a loved one or friends.

19. Start a blog!

I’ve been blogging now for nearly five years and while it can be difficult to keep up with, I love it!

20. Have a picnic!

Last but certainly not least, why not take your meal outside? My husband and I took numerous picnics during 2020, and we hope to bring that back again this year. Make up some sandwiches or salads, a flask of your favourite hot beverage, and wrap a water bottle in a towel to keep it cool.

You can even have a picnic in your backyard or on the lawn outside your workplace. It doesn’t have to be a daily part of your self-care routine but it could certainly be a weekly occurrence.


  1. Thanks for the numerous tips.
    I have been gardening for the past three years. This new summer hobby allowed me to enjoy the outdoor sun, the fresh air, and provided me with organic vegetables the whole summer and beyond. I shared the bountiful vegetables from my garden with my neighbor, my friends, my coworkers — a great way to connect — and I still have some for my freezer.

    I also love the Farmers Market. I always go home with locally grown fresh flowers, fresh, baked goods, and a lot more. It is a great way to support farmers and small businesses and connect with the community.

    Let us all enjoy the summer!

  2. Great tips! I’m always over-committing as there’s so much I want to do during summer. I need to calm down..

    Corinne x

  3. Lots of fabulous ideas here! I have a pretty busy summer ahead, but August will be for spending time with family and relaxing. Trying to not say yes to fair in advance so I can look after my health x

  4. Heat over here is unbelievable. it’s hard to go out the house, that’s how how it’s been lately, so maybe not too much on the gardening (even though I want to), but that home spa idea sounds really good. I think I’ll plan on that.

  5. I love that you put markets in with self-care. I so enjoy doing it, and you’re right — it soothes the soul and is a wholesome activity, too.

  6. These are cool things to do, I do go to the local market. It’s fun to explore the market and walk. I will make sure to follow these ideas. Thank you for sharing!

  7. These are wonderful summer self care tips! It’s so important to take time for ourselves.

  8. This is such a great list of ways to level up your summer self-care routine! The one that stuck out for me is to set boundaries. This is so important as I am too a people-pleaser. I’ve been trying to make a point to reserve a weekend of every month where I make no plans. It can be especially difficult during the summer with everything that’s going on, but I feel so much better when I have a weekend off from everything.

  9. Hey nyxiesnoon,

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information on how to boost our summer self-care routine. Your list of 20+ ways is very helpful and I can’t wait to try them out! Taking care of ourselves during summer is crucial, and your post provides great ideas for doing just that.


  10. I always struggle to take care of myself during the hot summer months, so these tips are much appreciated. I love incorporating outdoor activities like hiking and swimming into my routine. I’m definitely going to try some of these ideas and make self-care a priority this summer!

  11. Funny that you say to start a blog. As that is how my blog started as a way to relieve stress, and then it turned into my business!

  12. Wow, I absolutely love the comprehensive list of self-care ideas you’ve put together for the summer season! From hydrating drinks to outdoor activities, it’s all covered!

  13. I love your ideas for a summer self-care routine. I have found that having a daily exercise routine makes a huge difference in my overall health and wellbeing.

  14. I like to take advantage of the warm summer mornings by getting some fresh air right away .

  15. I would love to start a blog. I think its a great idea. I love writing and I want to be able to make money from my blog.

  16. Taking cold showers can be a great way to level up your summer routine. It can be hard at first but it jump-starts your daily productivity.

  17. These are all really great tips for self care this summer! Thanks for sharing this with us

  18. “Make The Most Of The Summer Sun And Relax Outdoors.” This is the best way for me. Once you stay cooped up, the summer will pass by you like it was never there and you will be left with regret only.

  19. Great list, I’ve already started a few on the list, will continue to tick more off the list as summer approaches.

  20. These are such great practical and easy summer self-care tips! I’m all about getting outside and getting a hike in to nourish my soul.

  21. Going for a walk in something I love. It is a great way for me to relieve some stress. Nice the warmer weather is here.

  22. I love all of these ideas! Some I already do, such as yoga, my playlists (mine has a lot of Disney songs!), and getting outdoors. I need to work on a few, though, such as accepting imperfections.

  23. Wow, this article is packed with creative and fun ideas for a summer self-care routine. It’s clear that the you have put a lot of thought and effort into compiling this helpful list. The tips are practical and easy to follow, making it a great resource for anyone looking to take care of themselves during the summer months.

  24. I have been spring cleaning! I love decluttering life! I am going to try a few more of these sides this summer!

  25. Fresh flowers are a really lovely touch in the house. Boundaries are so important as well!

  26. Wonderful tips Nyxie! I love these practical activities that encourage spending time in nature, honouring our boundaries, and reconnecting with yourself. I’ll definitely be checking these off this summer. Thank you for sharing!

  27. Such a fabulous list of ways to boost your summer self-care routine. Self-care is so important.

  28. What a great list! I’m excited that the weather is getting warmer, and I’ll be able to get outside more. I love the idea about relaxing more outside. That is something I hope to do more of. I also like exploring new places, like markets and trails, so I’m looking forward to that. I always need reminders to take care of myself, so this is a great post for me!

  29. These are great tips for self care. I definitely need to try a lot of these. Thank you for sharing.

  30. The number one way for me to enjoy self-care in the summer is to… avoid summer haha. I hate the heat and being outside so I just find as many fun things to do indoors as I possibly can! But I do see a few things on this list that sound really lovely 🙂

  31. Being in my garden is my happy place. It easily helps me level up my summer self care by making me happy and feeding my family with organic home-grown fruits and veggies.

  32. One thing I have to make sure I do is look after my skin during the summer so it should become an essential part of my self-care (still working on it). I really like the idea of doing a needs assessment as I have never tried this out; I will have to adopt this strategy as I think it will be useful throughout the year/life.

  33. This is a lovely list of ways to feel good! Off on a walk to listen to my playlist!

  34. I love the idea of growing my own garden. I think its a great addition to my summer self care routine. I enjoy taking care of plants.

  35. These are really great ways to enjoy and add some self-care routines for summer. I like the idea to start a blog! I started mine in July and enjoyed learning and writing poolside!

  36. These are all really great and very helpful tips! Thanks for sharing this with us and I’m surely going to keep this in mind

  37. I love this Post! Summer time is my favorite time of the year, but I know I try to pack so much stuff into it that I do tend to neglect my self care and doing some check ins with myself. Thank you for these great suggestions.

  38. Wonderful suggestions, Nyxie. I am planning to learn swimming and gardening this summer. In an extreme hot weather, applying sunscreen while going out anywhere is a must.

  39. I’ve been meaning to journal consistently because it helps so much. Thank you for reminding me to go back to doing so. Number sixteen is great advice. Amazing post, Nyx!

    Jeannie |

  40. I enjoyed your article on 20+ Ways To Boost Your Summer Self-Care Routine. Great info. Thank you!

  41. O, I love farmers’ markets and fresh flowers during summer. Plus, I worry a bit because I gained 5 lbs in the winter. I like your tips, and I wish everybody great summer.

  42. I’d never thought about summer being trickier to carve out time for self-care before but you’re right. I couldn’t agree more about a garden, although I’m still waiting for the warmer weather before spending time in ours! And yes, good tip about lilies and cats, that’s why we don’t have any in our garden or house. Lovely post!

  43. Great tips on how to practice self-care during the summer! I especially need to remember the “don’t over-commit” tip…that is something I struggle with year round and need to get better at setting boundaries so that I don’t end up burning out. Great reminders, thank you for sharing!

  44. Thanks for the great list of tips for summer self-care. I hope to implement some of these into my routine – especially not over-committing!

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