Top 10 podcasts to listen to in 2023!

In the last number of years, I’ve taken to using podcasts instead of music to fill the void when I’m going about my daily tasks.

There’s nothing like a podcast to make the most mundane tasks more entertaining.

In the last number of years, I’ve taken to using podcasts instead of music to fill the void when I’m going about my daily tasks. Whether it’s cleaning or driving home to visit family, listening to a podcast just makes things more interesting. And with recording equipment being so affordable, everyone seems to have one! You can listen to learn, laugh, cry, feel inspired and there are even podcasts to scare us to our very core!

This list has been compiled together with a number of friends to bring variety to your latest listen. Whether it’s the next true crime story or an insightful conversation, there’s something for everyone.

Top 10 podcasts To Listen To In 2023.

Getting Curious with Jonathon Van Ness.

I found this podcast after watching all of Queer Eye on repeat when I was in the depth of my illness. The show itself is full of love, and inspiration and gives me life! JVN’s podcast is absolutely no different.

Getting Curious covers a range of topics from politics to transphobia. I even recall listening to one all about body confidence and eating disorders! JVN calls on real people and experts to take a seat and talk about the things that really matter, but in a light-hearted way. Although it can get heavy at times, JVN always makes you feel at ease and reminds you to love yourself, honey!

Top 10 podcasts. Getting curious.

Walking the dog with Emily Dean.

Everyone died, so she got a dog. Her words, not mine! I have loved this podcast since the day I discovered it. Emily Dean takes her dog for walks with various celebrities. They talk about all things wonderful, not-so-wonderful, weird, and heartbreaking. My favourite episode has to be her conversation with Russel Howard. They talked about the death of his grandparents, and that hit me harder than I expected. I ended up crying the whole way up the motorway at seventy miles per hour.

This is a must-listen, especially if you’re a fan of particular celebrities such as Noel Fitzpatrick (Supervet), Scarlett Moffet, or Sarah Millican!

top 10 podcasts. walking the dog with emily dean.

The Guilty Feminist.

I came across this award-winning podcast on my way home from university many years ago. It’s hilarious, relatable, and has sparked some real conversations within me. At that time I complained to my friend that people at work treated me differently because I was a woman. Then I proceeded to play the ‘period‘ card just so I didn’t have to go into the chiller. Even if you’re a stone-cold feminist, we’re all a little guilty sometimes.

The podcast is hosted by Deborah Frances-White and an additional co-host. This used to be Sofie Hagan but has since started to change. Even if you’re not a female, nor do you identify as one, it’s still entertaining and insightful. Perfect for decluttering your loft or descaling the kettle.

top 10 podcasts. The Guilty Feminist.


This is a bit of a niche one but still a personal favourite. I love anything to do with mythology and history, so this was a no-brainer for me. If you’re interested in learning more about Greek, Roman, and even Scandinavian myths and legends, then this is the podcast for you. My favourite series has to be about the Norse Gods, because who doesn’t love a rough and rustic Viking?

top 10 podcasts. Mythunderstood.

Crime Junkie.

This has long since been one of my favourite true crime podcasts. I’m actually listening to it right now as I write and edit this post. It’s hosted by two women, Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat, and covers a range of true crime stories. I’ve personally discovered so many stories that I’ve never heard of before listening to this podcast.

Crime Junkie. Top 10 podcasts

The No Sleep Podcast.

This should need no introduction. But if it does, No Sleep Podcast is a podcast retelling various stories from Reddit’s /rnosleep. If you’re into horror like me, No Sleep is a Reddit form filled with creepy, terrifying, and downright eye-watering stories by other Reddit users. At the moment, there are more than fourteen million people using the form. Like many subs, there are several rules that users must follow. Firstly a story has to be believable, be written in the first person and, in the end, the writer can’t die. Otherwise, how would you tell the tale? When you enter the world of /rnosleep, all stories are presumed real. The mods operating the form ensure the ruse is continued within the comments so as not to break the illusion.

No Sleep Podcast. Top 10 podcasts.

Ear Biscuits.

Hosted by Rhett & Link from Good Mythical Morning, Ear Biscuits takes those conversations and expands upon them. They discuss more risky topics such as sex, relationships, and even their fall from Christianity. My husband and I have been listening to Ear Biscuits for years, and watch the show religiously. It’s sparked many of our own deep conversations and has helped pass many a long journey.

No Such Thing As A Fish.

If you’re looking for a podcast that’s both informative and comedic, No Such Thing As A Fish is for you! It’s a weekly podcast with, at the moment, over 460 episodes to choose from! And it’s brought to you by the researchers of QI! What more could you want? They’ve been known to cover themes such as the magnetic field of humans, ants getting drunk and spiders in space. You can start your listening with any episode, no context is needed. If you love filling your friend’s heads with niche facts, then look no further!

Fake Doctors, Real Friends.

This is just one of a number of ‘watch along’ podcasts I’m currently listening to. Join Zach Braff (J.D) and Donald Faison (Turk) as they talk about their time on the medical sitcom Scrubs. I’ve many fond memories of Scrubs and, while I agree that the ninth season was a write-off, was sad to see it go. So imagine my glee when I came across Fake Doctors, Real Friends which goes behind the scenes of the sitcom with two of its main actors. I’m only mid-way through a whopping 500+ episodes, but I’m already hooked!

The Office Ladies.

Do you love the US sitcom ‘The Office’? Then you’ll love this watch-along podcast hosted by best friends, Jenna Fischer (Pam) and Angela Kinsey (Angela). They work together to break down an episode of The Office every week and go behind the scenes of life at Dunder Mifflin. The pair also welcome former co-stars and writers to join them in their re-watch. Their on-set chemistry is obvious from the first listen and how they interact with fans paves a beautiful bridge between TV stars and reality. Office Ladies is a must-listen for any fans of the workplace sitcom.

What podcasts do you enjoy listening to?

Are there any particular podcasts you listen to on a daily basis to help fill the silence? With so many places to listen and podcasts to listen to, I’m always on the lookout for something new.


  1. I just started listening to podcasts and I realized that it’s a good way to pass time especially when I am stuck in traffic. Thank you for sharing these recommendations. I am excited to listen to Walking the Dog with Emily Dean.

  2. I haven’t managed to get into listening to podcasts. Love your list! I may have to consider some of these to get started.

  3. I love listening to podcasts and am so excioted to try some of these! I always turn them on when I’m showering! Some of these look like so much fun!

  4. I love listening to podcasts in the car. I am going to have to check out a few of these, they look interesting.

  5. I am actually starting a podcast in 2 weeks! I LOVEEEEE Crime Junkies! One of my favs!

  6. That’s a varied list of podcasts. I haven’t listed to any before but I do like the sound of the No Sleep Podcast. I love scary movies so a scary podcast should go down well.

  7. What a great list! I have been looking for new ones to listen to and I’d like to thank you for collating this list. I am going to start listening to The Guilty Feminist. That sure sounds like something I would be very interested in.

  8. Mythunderstood sounds amazing! I’ve always been a big fan of mythology, so this sounds like the perfect one for me to start with.

  9. I find podcast to be very interesting. I would love to explore more such as what you have here as well as to do some myself

  10. Those are some great ideas and love the selection of podcasts you got there. Will definitely check out some soon.

  11. Those podcasts sound so interesting! However, there is no way I could listen to the True Crime or Horror ones! I would never sleep again.

  12. Thanks so much for putting together this list! I need something to keep me entertained while I fold clothes and clean.

  13. I hadn’t heard of any of these before but I’ll try anything to make cleaning more bearable haha

  14. Thanks for this list. I would love the true crime podcasts! My son says I am weird for that! LOL Thanks for sharing@

  15. I also hate spring cleaning. Lol. I love to listening a creep, crime. Great to hear that you stared this topic and I will check about your podcast.

  16. I have not heard about these podcasts before, but have been looking for a good list to expand my horizon. So thank you for that – many blessings

  17. I had been searching for new podcasts, and these are really good and I am sure they are going to help me while decluttering.

  18. Wow, those are all interesting selections of podcasts and I’d love to check some out that got my attention. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  19. I love true-crime! I listen to the crime junkie and would love to listen to the odd pod later! Thanks for sharing! Cleaning will be so much fun!

  20. Nnniiiccceeeeee…all the podcasts I’m seeing here are completely new to me! I will start off with “Mythunderstood”.

  21. I’ve never tried to listen Podcast but now I’m so interested to listen this kind of Podcast especially when it comes about organizing things that can help for my better self.

  22. I love listening to podcasts! Especially when I’m cleaning or running errands. Thanks for the suggestions!

  23. I haven’t gotten in to podcasts yet. I obviously need to since they are all the rage right now!

  24. Wow! These podcasts look sound really good. I need to get into a podcast and have been meaning to do so. I’ll bookmark this post. Thank you!

  25. Mythunderstood and you’re dead to me now sound amazing! I will definitely be checking them out whilst having a good spring clean x

  26. These are some great suggestions! I loved Emily Dean’s book so I’ll have to check out her podcast! X

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