Joyous June Blogs.

I can hardly believe that we’re already into June! And with it comes my June blogs. I can’t be the only one who feels like this year is going much too fast. Not only have I hit so many interesting milestones in six short months.

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I can hardly believe that we’re already into June! And with it comes my June blogs. I can’t be the only one who feels like this year is going much too fast. Not only have I hit so many interesting milestones in six short months. But I’ve also hosted two previous advertising posts in both April and May. And the best part? My advertising will continue on through the summer, autumn, and into the Winter months! Keep reading to find out how you can take part.

But for now, I’m taking some time to relax. When you’re reading this, I’ll be sat with a glass of wine in a hot tub celebrating my husband’s birthday. While I take my well-deserved holiday, I’ll leave you to check out this month’s fabulous five!

Joyous June Blogs.

Our Favourite Jar.

I’ve been reading Claire’s blog since I first began blogging in 2019. Not only have I learned valuable information, but I’ve also discovered various shows, books and even places thanks to Our Favourite Jar. Claire has been blogging for years now and it all began when she made a Christmas gift for her loved ones. It’s since become a safe place for Claire to discuss her deepest thoughts, family life and her walk throguh grief.

Here are some of Claire’s top pick from Our Favourite Jar.

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Enviroline Blog.

Caroline over at Enviroline Blog is back with us this month! Caroline talks about being environmentally cautious and aims to spread light on the current environmental issues we’re facing. I’ve learned so much from reading Caroline’s blogs over the last few months. Not only is she an eating disorder recovery veteran like myself. But she also discusses it candidly within the pages of her blog.

Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint, or set yourself goals for your own eating disorder recovery. You’ll find your starting point over on the Enviroline Blog.

Interesting in catching up with Caroline? Check out some of these awesome blog posts to get you started!

june blogs

Billie Geena.

What can I possbily say about Billie Geena? She’s an SEO wizard, and, in my opinion, a massive part of the blogging community. I’ve been pulling her blog apart lately to find out the latest and best SEO tips in simple, down-to-earth language. If you’re feeling stuck with your blogging journey, struggling for ideas, or just want to find out more, I highly suggest you browse her site. I’ve frequently found myself feeling antsy and wanting to cover something different on my site. That’s where Billie’s helpful ‘what to write about on your blog’ ideas come in.

Some of Billie’s greatest posts include.

The Thrifty Bride.

As a thrifty bride myself, I can really appreciate a blog like this. Much like me, Lauren loves all things thrifty, and getting married is no different. As stated by Lauren, The Thrifty Blog has been keeping weddings bullshit-free since 2019! If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that we can do more with less. So let’s bring that same energy to the wedding industry. While many might want the big shindig, there are those of us who prefer a more intimate affair. Whether it’s a tight budget or you just want to do the most of it yourself, The Thrifty Blog has the right advice for you!

Check out some of these awesome posts from the blog.

Sunshine Sarah xo.

Sunshine Sarah is a ball of sunshine! I’ve been reading through her blogs and just love the diversity. You’ll find posts about mental health, veganism, environmental concerns, film recommendations, and much more. In her own words, Sarah creates content to make others (and herself) feel better about things. You can also find Sarah on Instagram and Twitter should you fancy it.

Check out some of Sarah’s favourite posts!

Thank you so much to all my June blogs and beyond! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you, your blogs, and to have you here on the blog. Keep an eye out for promotional links on my social pages so you can spend some time reading through each and every blog.

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  1. How glad that you are reading other blogs too it sounds nice by the way I would like to greet your husband birthday 🙂

  2. I really enjoy learning about the blogs that advertise with you each month. They are always interested and blogs that I hadn’t heard of yet. Thank you for sharing@

  3. Some lovely inspiring blogs to check out here. Thanks Nyxie! Looking forward to checking out the SEO wizard!

  4. Oh wow! You’ve got some really amazing bloggers over here! I know all of them but our favourite jar is by far my favourite!

  5. I’ve read all of these blogs and I love them! Billie and Sarah are bloggers I read often – what a great set of advertiser’s you have this month x

  6. Oooh what a great list, will check them out! Lots of different and interesting topics, love it! Also, well done on the past 6 months, and enjoy your holiday! <3 x

  7. I love soo many of these bloggers already. I love Lauren’s new wedding blog, it’s one of my favourite bridal blogs at the moment!


  8. What a wonderful set of advertisers you have this month! I also have Caroline as one of mine this June – she’s amazing an sustainability information! Claire is one of my favourite bloggers and just people online too! I’ll definitely be advertising with you again in the future – the effort you put into your packages is some of the best I’ve seen! xxx

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