Meet My May Advertisers.

I can’t believe we’re in May already! And with a new month brings my May Advertisers! This month I’m bringing you five more excellent bloggers to check out, read, follow and share.

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I can’t believe we’re in May already! And with a new month brings my May Advertisers! This month I’m bringing you five more excellent bloggers to check out, read, follow and share. Like last month, my May advertisers vary from lifestyle bloggers to blogs about how to get the most from your small business. Not only am I showcasing these excellent content creators, but I’ll also be advertising them throughout the month of May.

Keep your eyes open on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for individual shout outs. And don’t forget to read, comment and share their recommended blog posts.

Marvellous May Advertisers.

May Advertisers: Tales of belle

Tales of Belle.

To kick off my May advertisers, Karalee from Tales of Belle brings us wonderful articles about beauty, books and even recipes. Tales of Belle is truly a jack-of-all trades blog, and I honestly love to see it! She’s worked with various brands, reviewed a variety of genres and has been in the blogging game since 2016.

While Karalee has provided me with various posts she wants showcased, I couldn’t let this post go up without mentioning her Sims 4 content. I’m an avid gamer, with The Sims series being one of my all time favourites. And so I was instantly drawn to her post on various challenges to complete within the game.

If you’re interested in beauty, books and everything in between, I highly recommend checking out Tales of Belle. Here are some of Karalee’s top picks!

Don’t forget that you can find Karalee on Instagram, Twitter and even Goodreads.

May Advertisers

That Mama Club is a safe and informative space for all mums and mums to be. Even if you’re not a mum, or never want to be a mum, there’s something on the blog for you! I’ve had taken the time to comb through their blog and, let me tell you, I’ve learned a thing or two!

In their own words, That Mama Club puts the focus on you, the mum. Things can be busy for a 21st century mum, so That Mama Club is there to remind you to remember yourself among the chaos. You’ll find a wealth of knowledge, information on motherhood, fashion, culture, beauty, sexual health and so much more.

You can join their Facebook group to meet other like minded mamas, follow them on Twitter, and even catch up on Instagram.

Interested? Here are some of their personal top picks for you to chew on.

Jenny in Neverland.

I’ve known Jenny since beginning my blogging journey back in 2019. She’s not only been a fantastic inspiration to me, but I know for a fact that she has inspired many others too. If you’re looking to see where blogging can take you, look no further than Jenny in Neverland.

Jenny has a variety of content on her blog from dating ideas to home office renovation. You’ll even find posts relating to feminie health, something we should all take more seriously. Yes, Jenny in Neverland is certainly the blog to read if you’re in need of life advice, inspiration or just some feel good reads.

Here are some of Jenny’s personal top picks.

And be sure to follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

My Chronic Life with Mrs Slee-Jones.

Mrs Slee-Jones covers manay aspects of life, health, eco-living and chronic illness. I’ve long since followed Rhiannon on her twitter, and have been so inspired by her fight! She speaks candidly about her struggles with both chronic illness and mental illness, and I admire her bravery. If you’re in need of some of your own inspiration, then Rhiannon’s blog or her socials are the place to be. I can’t recommend subscribing to this lady enough! I’ve previously had the privilage of writing for Rhiannon too, which was such a painless and pleasureable experience.

Here are some of Mrs Slee-Jones top picks!

Don’t forget to subscribe to follow Rhiannon’s twitter and Instagram for frequent updates.

May advertisers

Female Blogpreneur

Epifania Maphosa from The Female Blogpreneur brings you insightful, and informative posts on all things blogging. In need of some inspiration? Advise of how to fromat posts? Then Female Blogpreneur is a must subscribe. Epifania also offers web design and blod renovation services, and you can also arrange a consultation about monetizing your blog. Not only is this a great way to deal with the nitty gritty of blogging, but it’s also giving business to a fellow blogger!

Here are some top picks to get you started with Epifania’s blog.

Also be sure to catch up with Epifania and her blog over on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

I’ve loved working with so many other bloggers and business over the last few months. It’s been so much fun to get to know different bloggers, and include them in both my April and May Advertisers. So, I figured, why not keep this going into the latter half of the year?

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  1. What a lovely layout of support for the ladies! It’s nice to see community in action.

  2. The Mama Club is one to look out for! I’ll keep checking them out!

  3. Some great blogs here! Thanks for sharing, I always love these kind of posts, I love finding a new blogger or two.

  4. It is wonderful to see all your April advertisers. I read some of the sites including Female Blogpreneur.

  5. Thank you so much for these informative recommendations. My sister just had a baby and is a new mommy so I just shared the Mama Club with her!

  6. How nice to promote a range of different blogs and bloggers on your page. A boost to help and it is always good to learn about other blogs out there x

  7. Love the concept of featuring your advertisers in your blog! It also helps them get more exposure!

  8. I love how transparent you are about sharing your monthly partners. I love discovering brands that support other brands!

  9. These look like cool blogs to check out. I have read “My Chronic Life” before but I was unfamiliar with the others. I will check them out!

  10. I already read some of their blog articles, and a part of me is also wishing to be a good blogger like them someday.

  11. Advertisers are so important for the health of a blog business. Congrats on these sponsors.

  12. I came across few new bloggers on your list. will check them out, thanks for sharing this lsit.

  13. Some amazing bloggers here, wonderul list. I aspire to be like these one day. Great post! I love all these inspiring blogs ❤️????

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