New blogs to read this September.

The beginning of September is Virgo season and with it comes my birthday.

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Another month and another wonderful set of bloggers to check out! The beginning of September is Virgo season and with it comes my birthday. This year I’m twenty-nine years old but I’ve never felt younger! Not only do I find myself in a place of recovery from anorexia nervosa. But I’ve also found myself in a place where I finally feel relatively at peace with myself.

But enough about me and the final year of my twenties! This month I’ve got some more wonderful bloggers to introduce to you. Some you may have seen before, while others are brand new to the blog.

Want to check out the previous installments?

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Meet my September Bloggers!

Sam Layton

Sam Layton brings you a blog very personal and special to her heart. She’s only started on her blogging journey, but has already covered some important topics, and has many more to come. Sam will be one of my regular advertisers over the next few months and I can’t wait to see how she grows!

Here are some of Sam’s top picks!

  • My black dog.
  • My experience with ARFID.

The Grumpy Olive

The Grumpy Olive is wonderful discussing all things from lifestyle to vacations to the latest book reviews. It was started by Simona, and she was later joined by her sisters, Fred and Cristina. It’s not often you come across a blog held together by three dedicated siblings. It’s been so enjoyable reading their content over the years and I can’t express how much I love to see three family members working together so closely.

The team over at The Grumpy Olive are dedicated to bringing us wonderful content, some of which are linked below.

Kayleigh Zara

Kayleigh Zara should need no introduction if you’ve been in the blogging game for a while. She’s a keen writer, aspiring artist and uses her blog to talk about all her favorite things. You’ll find blogging advice, advice for selling your products online, vital information about domain authority, art, food, and general lifestyle.

Kayleigh has given us the following to dip our toes into. These are her personal top picks from her blog to get you started.

UK Voucher Deals

UK Voucher Deals is another blog belonging to last month’s advertisers, My Beautiful Mess. This time, however, she’s bringing you all the best shopping deals! It can be hard to run a household, especially if you have kids. Add in luxuries that we all deserve, and there can be very little leftover for saving. But fear not! UK Voucher Deals is a voucher website for UK users who want to save their family money. They offer all our readers money off coupons while giving them free engaging money-saving guides to help them keep more money in their pockets.

Where can you get started? Here are some hand-picked posts to dip your toes in.

  • Factory Outlet Shopping.
  • Popular brands.
  • Popular shoppping guides.

Lynn Mumbing Mejia

Lynn’s beautiful blog is perfect for those who want to get the latest on all things lifestyle. From the latest recipes to holiday gift guides, Lynn Mumbling Mejia has it all! I’m a big lover of DIY homeware, so you can bet that I’ve loved reading through all Lynn’s DIY articles. If you’re into spooky crafts for Halloween, it’s also worth reading into Lynn’s wonderful and simple hobby projects. They’ll not only keep you busy, but they’re also perfect for the wee ones.

Here are some of Lynn’s personal favourites to highlight this September.

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  1. That’s so nice of you to share their blogs and work! I’ll definitely check them out!

  2. Happy birthday month! I am also a Virgo. Thanks for sharing these wonderful bloggers, blessings to you.

  3. It is nice to find some blogs to check out and enjoy. I like browsing through different websites; thank you for the recommendations.

  4. Wow you have some amazing bloggers here. I haven’t heard of UK voucher deals. I’ll check it out. Thank you for sharing
    PS: I always want to comment on your blog posts but most times the comment section doesn’t show up. Don’t know if it’s a problem from my end or something.

  5. These all look like really good ones. I’m a big fan of bloggers. I like the way you can get a personal look at topics. I’ll have to check out all of these.

  6. Oh these are interesting blog recommendations. It was really nice of you to use your own platforn to promote other blogs that are absolutely worth visiting. I think The Grumpy Olive is my kind of niche..will definitely check this out

  7. Hhhhmmmm…I am intrigued by Sam Layton’s blog. It’s one I am following from here on out! Thanks for sharing.

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