Meet my JULY advertisers!

Can you believe that we’re already in July, the seventh month of the year? Where has 2021 gone?

Can you believe that we’re already in July, the seventh month of the year? Where has 2021 gone? It’s been a good few months of advertising. I’ve met some wonderful people and had the wonder experience of helping them grow. Karalee, one of my bloggers from May, sent me this wonderful message.

“Hello! I hope you’re having a good day. I just wanted to let you know that you are one of the best bloggers I have advertised with! All the tweets & Instagram posts were great & I did get some views from your blog!”

It’s the little things like this that make me smile! If you have a positive experience advertising with me, please feel free to get in touch with feedback. Not only will it make me smile, but I’m also happy to feature your review both on socials and within these month, dedicated spots!

Olivia Lucie Blake

Olivia and I both connected earlier this year when I was suffering from so pretty bad cramps. Side note: The essential oil roller she made up for me is amazing, smells fabulous, and kicks the pain directly in the butt! Her blog is, honestly, my aesthetic goal. It’s clean, crisp and easy to navigate, and filled with amazing content! There’s content for bloggers, lifestyle gurus, mental health advocates, and even the interior designers out there. Olivia truly is a jack of all, and I just have one question? How do you do it, girl!?

Check out some of these hand picked articles!

Say it with champers.

Say it with champers is a site dedicated to, you guessed it, champagne! Not only can you purchase personalised hampers and champagne’s, but they also have a dedicated blog. Want to learn more about champagne? Maybe you’re going to a party and want to show everyone what you learned during lockdown? Check out their blog for some top-notch information on all things champagne. From articles about personalised wedding favors to trending wines for the winter. There’s something for everyone!

Alice in Sheffield.

Alice is from a small place in the UK called Sheffield, if you couldn’t guess. He blog is another wonderful mixture of lifestyle, health, recipes and everything in-between. And if you’re from Sheffield then there’s content there specifically for you. Find local places to hang out with friends or the best takeaways for a cosy night in.

Here are some of Alice’s top picks from her blog.

Sunshine Sarah

Sunshine Sarah is a ball of sunshine! I’ve been reading through her blogs and just love the diversity. You’ll find posts about mental health, veganism, environmental concerns, film recommendations, and much more. In her own words, Sarah creates content to make others (and herself) feel better about things. You can also find Sarah on Instagram and Twitter should you fancy it.

Check out some of Sarah’s favourite posts!

Smarter and Harder.

Smarter & Harder is run by Sam, and is a great resource for anyone seeking new ideas, motivation and positive change. Sam talks about many different walks and challenges in life. From mental health, wellness, to some of life’s most common problems and goals. Smarter & Harder has something for everyone. As stated by Sam himself, “we venture into a variety of topics, all geared toward building a more fulfilling life.”

Interesting in learning more? Here are some of Sam’s personal top picks.

Sam Layton.

Two Sam’s in one month?! Sam Layton brings you a blog very personal and special to her heart. She’s only started on her blogging journey, but has already covered some important topics, and has many more to come. Sam will be one of my regular advertisers over the next few months and I can’t wait to see how she grows!

Here are some of Sam’s top picks!

Interested in advertising with Nyxie’s Nook? Check out this page for more information.

These have been a very enjoyable few months of writing and working with bloggers. I’ve got plenty of spaces for advertising over the next few months and I also accept guest posts! Please feel free to get in touch about working with me in any capacity!


  1. All these bloggers sound amazing, I will have to check them out. Thanks so much for sharing them!

  2. I am enjoying such posts where I am getting to know about new blogs. I only knew about 2 of them and they are fab. I am gonna check out others too now. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Some fan adverts here for sure, a great way to help promote people and their fab business x

  4. I always love reading blogger advertising posts because i always find new bloggers I haven’t heard of. That said, I do recognise a few of my faves here, but I’m going to look forward to browsing a great selection of blogs this month, thank you!

  5. I definitely agree with Karalee, you are my fave to advertise with ❤ A few new bloggers for me to check out 🙂 x

  6. Well worth the read and follow. Smarter and Harder has some great motivation pieces that have helped me kick myself out of a funk.

  7. Thank you so much for reading! I always have free space should you ever need advertising! Smarter and Harder is an excellent blog full of great resources.

  8. These are really great blogs to check. I love all of them and their topics. I am always looking for new blogs to read.

  9. Hhhhmmmm….I am definitely following Sam Layton! Her blog is exactly what I love!

  10. Nice meeting your July advertisers. Congratulations to you for the successful collaborations! Your advertisers are surely benefiting from your services.

  11. I know right? June and the rest of 2021 just kind of flew by, maybe because we were all so eager to get rid off 2020 😀

  12. Awesome list of advertisers! I’m interested in Smarter and Harder. That blog sounds right up my alley. Building a more fulfilling life sounds incredible.

  13. I love that you introduce your advertisers! It’s interesting to meet and visit new people.

  14. These are all really interesting blogs from interesting bloggers. Sam Layton seems really interesting. I will check out some of the others!

  15. It also makes me happy to be getting sponsors for my blog. I’ll check “Say it with champers” as it’s all about Champagne. haha.

  16. I need to check out Sunshine Sara. That’s just the thing for me these days. I’ve been in a funk.

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